How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost in 2020?

Are you planning your big day and trying to get a handle on how much wedding flowers cost?

Budgeting and finances is most certainly one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. Building and sticking to a budget can help with stress in a major way. But it can be hard to budget items like flowers, DJs, and more.

In this article we’ll talk about how much to budget for wedding flowers.

Wedding flowers cost ~$1,700 for the average wedding

Based on our research, the average wedding flowers cost around $1,700. We’ve seen a really wide range reported and there is no definitive data that exists. We’ve heard of everything from $500 on the low end to budgets over $75,000 on the high end. The average appears to be somewhere in the $1,500 to $2,500 range.

There are so many factors that can impact the cost of wedding flowers. Let’s explore a few factors that will impact how much you spend on wedding flowers.

What impacts the cost of wedding flowers?

Here are a few of the big factors that will impact how much you spend on your wedding flowers:

  • Size: Obviously a 50 person wedding will require less flowers than a 500 person wedding so the size of your wedding is a big driver of cost
  • Location: If your wedding is in New York City or San Francisco you can expect to pay more than if you wedding is in a smaller and less expensive city
  • Flower Type: The kind of flowers you select and whether they are in season
  • Hiring a Professional: If you hire a professional florist you’ll pay more than if you handle yourself

Where to spend your wedding flower budget?

Below, we’ve noted the all the major areas where money commonly gets spent on wedding flowers. This will give you a rough idea on where to allocate your floral budget. Note $ is the lowest and $$$$ is the highest.

  • Bridal bouquet: $$$$
  • Maid of honor bouquet: $$
  • Bridesmaid bouquets (total): $$
  • Boutonniere: $
  • Corsage: $
  • Reception flowers: $$$$
  • Flower girl hair-flowers & petals: $$
  • Altar flowers: $$$$
  • Sign-in book flowers: $$
  • Place cards flowers: $$
  • Head table centerpiece: $$$
  • Sweetheart table garland: $
  • Guest table centerpiece: $$$$
  • Cake flowers: $
  • Delivery: Depends
  • Sales Tax: Depends on your location

How to save money on wedding flowers

  • Go full on DIY: If you are a do-it-yourselfer you can save a ton of money on flowers. But this savings comes with a cost (namely time and stress!). Handling the flowers yourself or even managing friends and family to handle flowers is certainly going to be more stressful than hiring a professional but you will save money.
    • How to save money as a DIYer? Check out your local flower mart. Prices are wholesale and much cheaper. Often times you’ll need to purchase day before the wedding. You’ll need to have other supplies such as flower tape, ribbon, and wire. You’ll need help from friends and family; no bridge wants to be making floral arrangements the day before her big day!
  • Costco: Did you know Costco carries bulk flowers and will ship the week of your wedding? We’ve heard of many happy brides that saved big money by using Costco.
  • Negotiate: Remember everything in wedding land is negotiable. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price.
  • Stick to in season flowers: You’ll pay a premium for flowers that are out of season so best practice is to stick to in season flowers.

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Thanks for reading and good luck on your upcoming wedding!