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The Best Toys For 2 Year Old Boys 🎁 Our Family Favs!

Our 2 year old playing doctorπŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈπŸ˜

My wife and I have A LOT of experience when it comes to knowing the best toys for 2 year old boys. How? We are the proud parents of a 2 year old boy! You’ll see his little face popup throughout the article demonstrating the toys. Hopefully our list helps spark ideas for toys or gifts for 2 year old boys!

Our 2 year old deep in thought!

2 Year Old Boys Are Amazing | Their Toys Should Be Too!

Our little guy is full of energy, curiosity, and wonder. Two year olds are truly amazing little people. They have huge imaginations and are so playful and sweet (most of the time πŸ˜‚). They’re also quite opinionated and don’t have much of a filter like us adults. If they like something you’ll know right away. And if they don’t like something they are not shy about telling you! The same goes for toys.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for 2 year old boys or just trying to find the best toys for 2 year old boys we have you covered. Today’s post will list our family’s favorite 29 toys for 2 year old boys. We hope this list helps you find an awesome toy and bring a smile to the face of the two year old in your life! πŸ˜„

The Importance of Play

Before we dive into our list of toys for 2 year old boys let’s talk about play. Play isn’t just some silly thing kids do; it’s actually essential for their growth and development. Here’s an excerpt from the American Academy of Pediatrics journal talking about the importance of play:

Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth. Play also offers an ideal opportunity for parents to engage fully with their children.

The bottom line is play is critical for toddlers. And toys can play a hugely important role in play. Especially in today’s world where it’s so easy to get hooked on staring at a screen. When a child has good toys to play with it can aid in his cognitive, physical, or social development. That’s what we are so passionate about good toys. But what makes a “good” toy?

Toys for 2 Year Old Boys | What Makes a Good Toy?

  • FUN & ENGAGING: If a toy doesn’t have some element of fun chance are it will just sit on the shelf. That said, what us adults might think of as “fun” and what a two year old thinks of as “fun” can be two different things. Perhaps a better word than “fun” would be engaging; the best toys are ones that your child wants to engage with. For example, we got our son a Melissa and Doug Cleaning Set and he LOVES it. He stands in the kitchen while we cook just hoping we spill something on the floor so he can get his mop to clean it up. You might not think that a cleaning set would deliver on the fun factor but let me assure you in our household it’s lots of fun.
  • DEVELOPMENTAL: We tend to gravitate to toys that has some sort of educational or developmental benefit. The good news is a toy can be both fun and educational at the same time. For example, think of Legos. Kids love legos! Did you know Legos are a great toy that has numerous developmental benefits? They help with fine motor skills, teach spacial reasoning, and can help with concentration. They’re an amazing toy.
  • DURABLE: Often two year olds will use toys in ways they’re not designed for and in general they can be pretty rough on their toys.Β  And when a toy breaks get ready for the tears! It’s always nice when a toy is smartly designed and can withstand anything an active two year old puts it through.
  • REASONABLY PRICED: At WealthFam we are laser focused on building wealth and being smart with our finances. Cost is always a factor we look at when assessing toys. We believe a great toy doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Some of our sons favorite toys are under $20 which just goes to show that more money doesn’t always equal more fun. All of the toys below can be purchased from Amazon which tends to have the best prices.

29 Amazing Toys For 2 Year Old Boys | Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys!

Here’s our list of the 29 best toys for 2 year old boys in 2020! If you’re looking for gifts for 2 year old boys or just a great toy for any occasion we’re sure the list below will help.

#1: Step2 Push Car πŸš—

Our son LOVES his Step2 push car. His favorite color is orange so we got him the McLaren model. The photo below was from when we were on a walk and we came across a digger. The combo of riding his orange car, seeing this cool construction equipment, and also having his no-spill Fubble Bubbles made this quite the afternoon for him! I have to say of all his toys this one may get the most comments from people. Neighbors and other walkers are always quick to say “cool car little guy” which of course our son loves.

Toys for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Fun! Kids seem to have a fascination with cars and things that go. The car even has a little horn you can press which is pretty cool!
  • Parent Friendly. This car is really easy for parents to push on walks. Sometimes our little guy doesn’t like to use the stroller anymore but he’s always up for getting in his orange car and heading to the park. There are also cup holders on the car which works great for bringing along a drink. πŸ₯›

gift ideas for 2 year old boysrace car gift for toddlers

#2: LEGO DUPLO My First Train Set πŸš‚

I remember loving Legos as kid and it’s really fun to watch our son enjoy them as well. His first ever Lego set was this one which has trains. He already loves trains so when you combine Legos with a train you really have a hit. Our son is crazy for anything construction related too so that’s another favorite. Legos are such a classic toy. They’re really engaging for kids and also teach fine motor skills, spacial reasoning, and can even help with patience and concentration.

lego gift for 2 year old boy

Gifts for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Just the right size. Duplo Legos make a great gift for 2 year old boys given they’re a bit bigger easier for little hands to handle.
  • Educational. We really like the train set because it also has numbers so it’s a great way to begin counting and introducing numbers in a fun and play-based way.
  • Durable and budget friendly. Legos can withstand just about anything a two year old can throw at the and won’t break the bank.

#3: Melissa and Doug Pretend Play Cleaning Set 🧹

We love Melissa and Doug toys and this one was a Christmas gift for our son. He’s in Montessori school and loves anything cleaning related: washing, sweeping, dusting, or moping. Who knew kids loved to clean this much?!? I remember telling my mom this would be a great toy for him and she looked at my like I was crazy. A cleaning set for a kid?!? But seriously this toy is pure fun. There ~6,000 reviews on Amazon with a great rating so I know I’m not the only one to discover this great toy for 2 year old boys.

melissa and doug cleaning set toy

Toys for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Be like mom and dad: Toddlers want to emulate their parents. This kid-sized cleaning set allows them to help participate in the important work of the household. You may think I’m crazy but kids seriously love playing with it. There ~6,000 reviews on Amazon with a great rating so I know I’m not the only one to discover this great toy for 2 year old boys.
  • Real-life simulation: This toy excels at helping teach practical life skills and coordination.

#4: Tanagrams (aka Pattern blocks and shapes) πŸ”Ί

Tanagrams are shapes that can be fit together to make all sorts of cool patterns. I will say this toy is better suited for kids 2.5+ as there are some smaller pieces and younger two year olds may not be all that engaged with these just yet. Our son plays with his shapes a few times a week and really loves them. We make flowers, trees, and other interesting designs.

What I love about tanagrams is they are a great developmental toy. Tanagrams are helpful for developing mathematical concepts like symmetry, geometry, and perimeter. They’re also good for logical thinking and problem-solving skills. We have the set shown in the photo of my son below but I know people who love the Melissa and Doug set as well.

best toys for 2 year old boys

Gifts for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Developmental: Teaches math skills as well as concentration
  • Durable and inexpensive: These things are hard to break. And if a piece gets lost it’s not the end of the world as there are still plenty of others!

#5: Workbench for Toddlers πŸ”¨

I’ll admit I am not a handy person but when I do take out my toolbox my son comes running. He is so intrigued by hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches. We were at a friend’s house and our son gravitated to the workbench their 2 year old had. Our son played with it for practically the whole time so we ended up getting him one as well. Hape makes a great workbench that has won awards for being such an awesome toy.

workbench toy for 2 year old

Bonus idea: If your 2 year old boy is into tools the same way ours is get him ‘The Toolbox‘ book by Anne and Harlow Rockwell. I think we’ve read this book about 100 times now and it goes great as a gift with the workbench.

Toys for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • S.T.E.A.M. Toy: Helps to develop children’s fine-motor skills and nurtures an understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) principles.
  • Be like mommy and daddy: Any toy or activity that a 2 year old has seen mommy or daddy do often is a big hit. The workbench toy is pure joy for our kiddo.

#6: Top Bright Toddler Toys Race Track 🏎️

This car race track toy is a simple toy but my son just went crazy for it. He’d play with it constantly. We went through a pretty difficult stretch there when we lost one of the cars but luckily it re-appeared a few days later. Whew!

There are all different types of toys for 2 year old boys but one surefire hit is a toy that contains cars. Little boys just plain love cars. Especially when they go fast and back and forth like this toy.

Gifting Tip: If your looking for gift ideas for 2 year olds the race track works great especially when paired with a wonderful book called ABC’s for Future Race Car Drivers.

Gifts for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • CARS = FUN!: Something about cars seems to make two year old boys really happy!
  • Well made: I’ve been impressed how well made and durable this toy is. The cars are made of wood and work really well on the track. It’s a neat toy.

#7: Dress Up Costumes πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ

Another wonderful gift idea for a two year old boy is a fireman or doctor costume. We’ve had more laughs from these costumes. We watched an episode of Mr. Rogers where a young girl gets a check-up at her pediatrician. Our son was so enthralled by that episode and he’s been playing doctor ever since. He ever learned the word ‘stethoscope’ and ‘otoscope’. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word otoscope but now our two year old says it all the time when playing doctor. πŸ˜„

doctor costume for toddler

The doctor is in!

Toys for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Imaginative Play: The benefits of imaginative play are endless. It gives opportunities for your two year old to identify with the grown-up world, helps them re-enact situations which can make them more comfortable in the real-life version, and allows them to practice sharing and taking turns. That’s why imaginative play toys for 2 year old boys are so important.
  • Cute photos: Something about seeing our son dress up as a doctor with his stethoscope is just too darn cute!

#8: Weber Grill Set πŸ–

In the summer our family loves to grill out. Of course our son sees me grilling and wants to participate. It turns out there is a Weber branded toy grill that is a great gift for a 2 year old boy. We got this over the summer and our son was obsessed. I’d be grilling chicken and steak and he’d set up his Weber right next to me and grill as well.

2 year old gift ideas

Gifts for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Emulate mommy and daddy: This is another great gift where your son can have a great time emulating his parents and pretending to do a real-life activity.
  • Grill can ‘turn on’: Weber really pulled out all the stops for this toy as there is a starter that ‘ignites’ to coals which in turn make a crackling sound. It’s pretty cool and our son thinks it’s just the neatest thing.

#9: Water Table By Step2 πŸ’¦

This summer our water table was EVERYTHING! We’d sit out in the back yard and our son would play with his water table for the longest time. Pouring water, scooping water, turning on the hose, squeezing the little fish and shooting water… he just loved his water table. We have a Step2 water table. I can’t find the exact same model on Amazon anymore but we’ve been really happy with Step2 and I included links to the latest models below. If you just have one kid the smaller one works great. If you have multiple kids or have friends/neighbors over often you may want to spring for the larger size.

water table toy for toddlers

Toys for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Easy to assemble: I hate hard to assemble toys. At first I thought this might be one of those but it was a total breeze.
  • Sensory activity: The water table acts as a great sensory activity. There are different tools and attachments and children can play with the water in a variety of ways. It’s also great on a hot day when paired with a kiddy pool.

#10: LeapFrog LeapTop Laptop Computer Toy πŸ’»

This laptop is one of our son’s favorite technology toys. Like a lot of parents, we try to be cognizant of screen time. The nice thing about screen time with this laptop is that there is a true learning element to it. I credit this toy for helping our son learn some of his letters and the corresponding sounds. After you hit the letter a little animal comes on the screen which often results in a smile. We have the LeapFrog but I know people also really like the V-Tech tablet. V-Tech makes great toys as well so I don’t think you can go wrong with either one when looking for great toys for 2 year old boys.

Gifts for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Facilitates Independent Play: Sometimes mom and dad need a break. Driving, preparing dinner, or just a mental break for a moment; as parents we can’t always be playing with our two year olds! The LeapFrog is great in those moments when you need a break as it allows for independent play.
  • Educational: The laptop certainly helps identify letters and sounds. It’s done in a way that is fun for the child too so we really like the educational aspect of this toy.

#11: Fisher-Price Tough Trike 🚲

A bike or trike is another must have item when thinking about toys for 2 year old boys. The Fisher-Price Tough Trike is very popular because of it’s durability and ease of assembly. This one is probably best for kids at least aged 2.5 as it was a little too big early on. The pedals are large and it’s a blast to ride. There is even a Thomas the Train version (my son’s favorite) or you can get the Harley Davidson version which is very cool as well.

Toys for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Helps with motor skills: This trike exercises leg muscles, strengthens gross motor skills, and works on balance and coordination
  • Fun!: All the 2 year olds in our neighborhood just plain love to ride trikes, bikes, scooters, etc. The fun factor is up there on this toy!

#12: V-Tech Touch and Learn Deluxe Activity Desk πŸ”€

V-Tech continues to impress us with their cool toys. The activity desk is no different. We personally don’t have this toy but played with it at a friend’s house and loved it. What I really like is that it can transform into a chalkboard or art station. There are the various learning activities and multiple ways to use which makes this the type of toy your little guy will use for a long time.

Gifts for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Interactive: This toy is very engaging. Two year olds are drawn to it and you can tell their little minds are thinking about the various activities that are included (everything from the alphabet to nursery rhymes to different phrases).
  • Multiple year usage: Lots of toys end up being outgrown pretty quickly. Not this one. V-Tech sells expansion packs for this toy so if your two year old outgrows the activities you can add new ones for a reasonable price. Plus it also doubles as a table and easel so there is use beyond the activities. Given all that we really think the toy is a good value and something that can be used for a long time.

#13: Brio My First Railway Train Set πŸš‚

I think my son’s idea of heaven is riding on a train. Whenever we’ve taken a train, trolley, or tram he just lights up. He was even a train conductor for Halloween this year. The kid just plain loves trains!

Because of his love of trains his grandma bought him a Brio train set when he turned two. Brio has been around a long time and makes the best train toys. They aren’t the cheapest but the quality is really good and they can last for years. The beginner set doesn’t come with a ton of tracks but still plenty to have fun and get started with trains. If we had the room and money we’d love to buy a train table but I don’t think that’s in the cards for us. Below is our son in a toy store eyeing a train table!

train set toy for 2 year old boy

Toys for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Promotes Creativity: There are so many different ways you can build the train tracks. Train sets promote creativity and problem solving skills.
  • Durability & Compatibility: Brio makes quality toys. They quality of this set really surprised me and I can tell it will last. Brio’s My First Railway Set is also compatible with all the other Brio sets so as our son gets bigger he can integrate this into larger and more complex train sets.

#14: Magna-Tiles 🧲

OMG I love Magna-Tiles. Seriously as a grown adult I get so addicted to playing with this toy. If you don’t know what Magna-Tiles are they’re essentially magnetic shapes that are also colorful and translucent. Sounds pretty basic right? The thing is you can make all sorts of cool designs and structures with them and something about it is just really fun. I’ve made some pretty cool towers which my son takes great joy in knocking over! He also loves building things and it’s pretty amazing what a two year old can build with Magna-Tiles.

toy ideas for 2 year old boy

This toy is the perfect blend of fun and education. It totally gets the creative juices flowing and is really a fun activity that parents and kids can do together. I can’t recommend Magna-Tiles strongly enough as a great toy for a 2 year old boy.

Gifts for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Sparks imaginative free play: The various shapes in Magna-Tiles fit together in all sorts of interesting ways. You really get to use your creativity when playing with this toy.
  • STEM Approved: The set helps your two year old develop important math, science, spatial and tactile skills.

#15: Little Tikes Gas ‘n Go Mower 🌱

My son is fascinated with both the lawnmower and snowblower. He received this Gas ‘n Go mower as a gift and has lots of fun with it. After I mow the lawn with the big mower he’ll go out and mow with the Little Tikes mower. This toy comes with a gas can and even has a pull cord which makes it sound like the engine is starting. It’s great for screen-free imaginative play.

lawnmower gift for toddler

Taking his lawnmower on a walk πŸ˜„

Toys for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Pretend Play: Yet another toy that facilitates the always important pretend play. Our son sees me do the lawn work and then spends a long time pretending he’s doing the same thing. He’ll do it over and over again!
  • Durable: The mower is sturdy and overall really well made. There are thousands of 5* reviews on Amazon and reviewers seem to agree it’s just a solid toy.

#16: Melissa & Doug Toy Kitchen 🍳

I love to cook and it seems that my son is a chef in the making. We don’t actually have this toy but one of our close friends does and my son gravitates to it immediately. He’ll pretend play for an easy 30 minutes. He’ll take orders, cook, serve, clean, and then do it over and over again. Melissa & Doug is well-known for making awesome toys for 2 year old boys and this kitchen set is no exception. If we had more room in our house we’d love to add a kitchen set toy like this but for now it’ll just be played with when we visit friends.

kitchen toy for 2 year old boys

Gifts for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Inspires Imaginative Thinking: This is so healthy for natural development. It’s a riot to watch toddlers emulate what they see in the kitchen and pretend to make meals.
  • Daily Use: Everyone we know with kitchen sets say their kids play with it on a near daily basis. Its always nice to give a gift or select a toy that is both great for child development and also will get used all the time.

#17: Strider Balance Bike πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ

All our friends that have older kids said we needed to get our son a balance bike when he turned two. We got one this holiday season and haven’t used it yet but my son sure was excited to open the gift and try it in the house. Like the name implies, the great thing about a balance bike is that is helps kids learn to balance and start getting comfortable on a bike. Strider makes the best balance bikes. We’ve seen some of the knock-off brands and although a bit cheaper aren’t as durable or well-constructed as the Striders.

balance bike gift for two year old boys

Toys for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Builds Confidence: This is so healthy for natural development. It’s a riot to watch toddlers emulate what they see in the kitchen and pretend to make meals.
  • Adjustable | Grows with your son: The Strider bike is adjustable can accommodate kids between 18 months and 5 years. Always nice to give a gift or purchase a toy that has some longevity!

#18: Sidewalk Chalk ✍️

Our family has great fun in the summer playing with simple sidewalk chalk. We make street signs, letters, numbers, and all sorts of other fun doodles. This is a great toy for 2 year old boys as it helps introduce the motion of writing and also allows them to be creative. Sidewalk chalk is a great example of a toy that is tons of fun but doesn’t cost much. Most chalk sets are under $10 and last for many drawing sessions.

sidewalk chalk for toddlers

Gifts for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Fun & Budget Friendly: This toy proves you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a good time!
  • Outdoor Activity: We’re always looking for fun activities that can get us outside and this one delivers!

#19: Building Blocks 🧱

Every 2 year old boy needs a set of blocks. We received the Mega Bloks as a gift and have used them countless times. They’re bright, colorful, and easy enough for a two year old to build things. It’s also nice they include a bag which makes clean up a breeze. There are A LOT of blocks in the bag and we’ve made some things that are taller than our son can even reach. I pick him up and let him put the pieces on the very top which he thinks is pretty cool. Overall these are just a fantastic toy for 2 year old boys.

The Mega Bloks are plastic. We tend to try and get wood toys when possible so I’ve included the Melissa & Doug block set below. We personally haven’t played with the Melissa & Doug blocks but I know other kids that have them and seem to like them.

Toys for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Educational: Hands-on play like using toys like blocks promotes problem-solving, creativity, and even helps with mathematical principles.
  • Endless possibilities: There are so many different things you can try to build with these blocks. We’ve been using them for about a year and still aren’t bored with them!

#20: Tonka Trucks 🚚

I still have my Tonka Trucks from when I was a kid and now my son LOVES playing with them. This is about a classic as it gets when thinking about toys for 2 year old boys. Tonka trucks are so well made (they’re made of steel!) and incredibly durable. My son and I push the Tonka truck down the driveway and it crashes into all sorts of things. But it never breaks or even dents. In fact, Tonka trucks are guaranteed for life which tells you all you need to know about their durability. We have the dump truck which gets loaded up with sticks, pine cones, and other items from the yard. I know he’d love to add a few more to the collection (the bulldozer would be a hit)!

tonka trucks for 2 year old boys

Tonka Trucks: a truly classic toy

Gifts for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Classic: Some toys are just classic. Playing with this truck brought me back to my youth (eek that was a long time ago). In a world where to many toys are made with plastic its refreshing to use a toy like a Tonka truck.
  • Durable outdoor play: These trucks and built to last. Boys can bang them into things, send them down the drive, or whatever else they can come up with and you can be sure the Tonka toys won’t break.

#21: Books For 2 Year Olds πŸ“š

Okay maybe books aren’t considered a ‘toy’ but most toddlers love them. We read each night before going to bed and our son definitely has hits favorite books. I could list tons of wonderful books but here is the short list of his very favorite books. We’ve read each of these books countless times and can attest to them being great for both two year olds and parents alike!

Toys for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Calming: Something about cuddling up with a 2 year old and reading a books seems to help calm them down and get them ready for bed. Reading is the special time of the day where there are no devices, screens, or other distractions. It’s just a time to cuddle up and be together.
  • Promotes language development: Countless studies have shown the importance of reading to toddlers. It’s amazing how they are like little sponges and can absorb so much so quickly. You’ll read a book one time and they’ll remember little details and words the next day. It’s easy to see how learning all these new words are absorbed and helps with language development.

#22: SmartMax Safari Animals 🐘

These safari animals from SmartMax have been a much loved toy for the past year. They’re bright and colorful with a magnet in the middle. Something about them keeps my son coming back to play with them even though we’ve had this toy for awhile. The set comes with the following animals: Rhino, Giraffe, Elephant, Hippo, Lion and Crocodile. All of the SmartMax pieces are compatible with each other and other sets so kids can mix and match.

gifts for 2 year old boyssmartmax lion

Gifts for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Creativity + Engineering: This is another S.T.E.M. friendly toy. It introduces the concept of magnetism in a fun way. I also appreciate toys where kids learn while having fun.
  • Numerous teaching opportunities: We helped teach our son colors with this set. It’s also a way to animal recognition (matching) and names of animals.Β  The materials are high quality and feel good in your hands.

#23: Dyson Toy Vacuum with Real Suction ✨

Did I mention our son loves to clean? I have my doubts if his love of cleaning is going to continue as he gets older but we sure can hope!

This Dyson vacuum is a great toy and it actually works. It actually sucks up dirt and debris and even has a little compartment that can be emptied after the vacuuming work is complete. It’s definitely a toy and doesn’t clean as well as a typical vacuum but it’s still a very cool gift idea that our son adores. It’s great to help teach the importance of cleaning up while still being fun and right-sized for two year olds.

vacuum toy for 2 year olds

Toys for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Facilitates independent play: This toy encourages exploration andΒ discovery while helping teach the concept of cleaning up.
  • Realistic: Dyson has included all the little touches to make this toy vacuum very realistic and similar to what a grown-up would use. The sound, the dust tray, and the movement all are like a regular vacuum which our son really loves.

#24: KidiBeats Drum Set πŸ₯

Our friends have this drum kid and all the toddlers love it. I love music but have to admit we’re probably not going to be getting this toy as after awhile it gets a bit annoying to listen to! That said, kids really love this toy and working with musical instruments has many great benefits. And there is a volume control so parents can turn it down if necessary.

VTech’s KidiBeats Drum Set has all sorts of cool features that allow toddlers to play freestyle or work to play along to a pattern or beat. The drums light up as well which kids find very engaging.

vtech toy for 2 year old boy

Gifts for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Alphabeats: Drum the light to play along with letters and phonics.
  • Perfect Size: This drum set just the right size for two year old boys. Regular drum kits are obviously huge and this is nothing like that. It’s big enough that your child can easily play the drums but not so big that it comes close to takeover a room or being hard to store.

#25: Hot Wheels Cars 🏁

Another classic that takes me back to my youth. My son and I get out the Hot Wheels all the time and play cars. We line them up, choose our favorites, and imagine all sorts of stuff that only can happen in the mind of a two year old!

You can spend a lot of money on all the big Hot Wheels sets but honestly I think just buying some cars and some track is really all a two year old boy needs. The big sets are really for older kids and the track is something he can work on putting together which teaches problem solving skills.

hot wheels for 2 year olds

Toys for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Classic!: Hot Wheels have stood the test of time and are a go-to favorite toy for 2 year old boys.
  • Imaginative Play: Cars seem to be a natural attraction for two year olds and they come up with all sorts of fun scenarios when playing with them.

#26: Fubbles (aka No-Spill Bubbles) πŸ’­

We love that fubbles bubbles are non-toxic and safety tested. They are a simple and inexpensive yet fun toy for a 2 year old boy. In the summer we’ll bring out the water table and bubbles and have a blast together as a family. Fubbles are also cool in that while they don’t spill you can easily re-fill them.

Gifts for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • No Spill!: The downside with most bubbles is that toddlers almost immediately spill them. Then the tears begin. 😭 The awesome thing about Fubbles is they don’t spill.
  • Instant Smiles: Something about bubbles just makes our son smile. His friends are the same way. There is something magical about bubbles to 2 year olds and they are guaranteed to bring a smile to their face.

#27: Learning Resources Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog πŸ¦”

Both my son and his cousin have this toy (we got it for her as a gift since our son enjoys it so much) and they both love it. There are some fantastic educational aspects of the hedgehog toy. It’s also bright and cute and our son was drawn to it. This toy is not expensive either which is always a plus.

educational toys for toddler boys

Toys for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Numerous educational benefits: This toy checks a lot of boxes when it comes to providing educational benefits.
    • Color Recognition
    • Counting
    • Sorting
    • Fine Motor Skills
  • Durable: We’ve dropped this toy multiple times with no issues. It’s well made and durable.

#28: Brain Quest 🧠

When I saw there was a Brain Quest for 2 year olds I wasn’t sure what to think. Aren’t toddlers too young to have ‘flash cards’ like this?

I couldn’t have been more wrong. We often make Brain Quest part of our evening routine. Our son loves Max the Monkey and overall has gotten a lot out of these cards.

Gifts for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Gets your child talking: There are so many pictures, colors, and shapes that it gives you and your child a lot to talk about.
  • Fun learning: Brain Quest is really interactive; it spurs tons of interaction between parent and child. I can tell there is a lot of processing going on in my son’s head as he absorbs these materials. The cards are fast and fun too. With a toddler you don’t want to pressure them to sit through something they’re not interested in – that has never been the case with Brain Quest.

#29: VTech Smart Shots Sports Center πŸ€

A basketball hoop is our final best toy for 2 year old boys. Growing up I loved basketball and I’m hoping my son will have fun with the game as he grows. To get him in the spirit early, we got him the Little Tikes hoop and have it set up in our family room. We’ve had great fun shooting hoops together.

The VTech hoop is a basketball hoop that our friends have and its proven to be really popular with the kids. The cool thing is that is has a soccer goal in addition to the hoop. Either of these options makes for an amazing toy for 2 year old boys.

toys for toddler boys

Toys for 2 year old boys | Why we love this toy? ❀️

  • Gets your child moving: Many toys are played with while sitting down and staying stationary. We love toys that get our son up and moving and a basketball hoop does just that.
  • Develops gross motor skills: Shooting hoops is a great way for kids to develop gross motor skills such as coordination and balance.

Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys | Gifting Considerations 🎁

As a parent of a two year old we appreciate all the wonderful birthday and holiday gifts but especially appreciate it when family and friends respect our parenting style or family situation. Here are a few things to consider as you pick out gifts for 2 year old boys:

  • Size: We don’t have a huge house and in turn don’t have a great place to put large toys like a big kitchen set. If you’re going to get a big gift it’ll most likely be appreciated if you bounce the idea of the parents first.
  • Electronics: We’ve noticed many families are working to limit the screen time of their kids. Screen based toys can be polarizing for parents so before you buy an iPad or other screen heavy toy you may want to check with mom or dad.
  • Cost: A two year old doesn’t have any grasp of cost or money. Often times they’ll have as much for with a $5 toy as a $50 one. So don’t fret if you’re on a budget, chances are whatever you choose will still make a great gift.
  • Play weapons: Many parents are sensitize to young children having toys like play guns.
  • Montessori: Often times families with children in a Montessori program will try to provide their children a certain style of toy. Typically, Montessori toys are made from wood instead of plastic (e.g. blocks). They also tend to be rooted in ‘real life’ so toys like the cleaning set. Melissa and Doug toys.

Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys | Our Favorite Toy Brands

Here are some of our favorite brands when it comes to gifts for 2 year old boys.

  • Melissa and Doug: Our favorite toy company. They focus on screen-free educational toys. Designed to ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in children.
  • V-Tech: More tech based or ‘smart toys’. V-Tech makes high-quality, innovative educational products that enrich children’s development and make learning fun.
  • LeapFrog: Similar to V-Tech. Focus on learning based toys often with some electronic element.
  • Step2: Leader in some of the larger play based toys that are good for gross motor skills. They sell indoor and outdoor kid’s toys, play kitchens, playhouses, wagons, swing sets, home & garden products.
  • LEGO: The Duplo LEGOs in particular make for great toys for 2 year old boys.
  • SmartMax: Mostly magnetic based toys that are rooted in building and being creative.
  • MagnaTiles: As they say on their site… “where math, science, and creativity meet”.
  • Brio: The best of the best when it comes to train toys!
  • Amazon: Not a toy brand but they do give shoppers a way to view toys designed for 2 to 4 year olds. Another great way to discover awesome toys for two year old boys.

Toys For 2 Year Old Boys FAQs | Common Questions About Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys ❓

Q: What makes a “good toy”?
A: Every child is different. A hit toy for one child may get left on the shelf for another. That said, our favorite toys have some element of fun, are developmental and age appropriate, are durable, and are reasonably priced.

Q: How much should I spend on a gift for a 2 year old boy?
A: There is no one size fits all answer. Two year olds have no sense of cost and are often just as happy with a $5 toy as they are with a $50 toy. So it comes down to your budget and what you think the family would like. When it doubt play it down the middle; don’t get the $150 kitchen set or the $5 bubbles but something in that $15-$25 range. DUPLO Legos fit the bill really well here as they’re a nice gift, in the $20 range, and there are many different sets so even if a child has one they’ll be interested in another (and they’re compatible with each other).

Q: Can I get a toy that says ages 3+ for a two year old?
A: We’ve found the age guidelines on toys aren’t always perfect and many toys that say 3+ work great for 2 year olds. The watch out is small pieces.

Thanks for reading our comprehensive guide to the best toys for 2 year old boys. We hope this was helpful!

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