Selling used DVDs? You’ve come to the right place! Our favorite ways to sell used DVDs. 

Quick story… I have a good friend who came to me and asked how to sell used DVDs. We got to talking and it turns out my buddy Curtis had a collection of over 1,000 used DVDs! At $20 bucks a pop that is over $20,000 he’s spent on DVDs. That is some serious coin! Don’t believe me? Here is a photo of the spare bedroom in his house, aka the ‘DVD room’, from a few months back:

sell used dvds

1,000 plus DVDs 😲

Curtis was one of those people that would go to Best Buy every week to buy more DVDs. Nowadays Curtis watches everything on Netflix and his used DVDs just sit there collecting dust. He has two kids and really wants extra space in his house for guests. “I want to sell my DVDs… all of them!” he said. The DVD collection needed to go. But how do you sell so many used DVDs? Can you make decent money selling all these old DVDs? That is what we wanted to find out. 

We dove in and made it our mission to find the best way to sell DVDs for cash. The goal was to make some extra money and get that spare bedroom back. Curtis also has a lot of CDs and Blue-rays so we researched the best way to sell those too. Over the course of a couple weeks I’d estimate we sold used DVDs to at least 20 different companies or people. We only recouped a fraction of his $20,000 “investment” which was a bummer but what we expected. In the end we learned a ton about getting top dollar for used DVDs. Without further ado here are our nine favorite places that are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to sell your used DVDs. 

Our Top 9 Best Places For Selling Used DVDs (and Blu-rays or CDs) 📀

#1: Amazon

    • We started by checking everything on the Amazon Seller app. What’s awesome about Amazon is that within the Amazon Seller app there is a barcode scanner which makes it super easy to scan and check the value. Overall we found the values to be relatively low. Some CDs were actually worth a decent amount so we shipped those i sold them on the site.
    • Pros: Fast and easy. Reputable company.
    • Cons: It’s a marketplace so you have to wait for your item to sell to a buyer.

#2: Craigslist or Kijiji

    • We also post made a post on Craigslist which included photos and most of the titles. There were actually a decent number of people who responded with interest. Kijiji is more popular than Craigslist in Canada so that is a great option for our Canadian readers. 
    • Pros: Cash in hand when a buyer makes a purchase. Had some people who bought a bunch at once. 
    • Cons: Time and safety factor. We had some annoying ‘tire kickers’ who hemmed and hawed a lot but didn’t really buy much. Also had to let people into the house to look at the collection which can feel weird and slightly unsafe. 

#3: Decluttr

    • Decluttr is a site dedicated to buying DVDs, CDs, Blu-Rays, video game, and a bunch of other stuff. They seems to be the market leader in buying used media and overall it’s a nice platform. We sold quite few here and overall it was a great experience.
    • Pros: Convenience factor and time savor. Simple scan it, send it, spend it (i.e. you get paid) model. You don’t wait for a buyer; you send in your DVDs and get paid shortly thereafter.
    • Cons: Some of the values are really low. They ‘reject’ DVDs that seem perfectly fine which is super annoying.

#4: Ebay

    • Ebay is a well known auction website. You can list your used DVDs on the site and do either an auction and/or set a “Buy It Now” price.
    • Pros: Lots of buyers. Can do well on price especially for harder to find items that are in great condition. 
    • Cons: Generally prices are pretty low and you have to ship each item out that is sold which is time consuming. 

#5: Second Spin (FYE)

    1. Second Spin has the slogan ‘No one pays more for your used music & movies’. That sounds promising! They have a user friendly interface where you can input UPC codes and see the value of your item.
    2. Pros: Site is easy to use. Certain titles paid well; prices overall were pretty decent.  
    3. Cons:  Can be picky about condition of cases and discs and ding you for that once received.


    • another great choice to consider when selling used DVDs. The site is a price comparison site for used stuff. Bonavendi checks and aggregates over 30 other sites that buy used goods and then shows you where to sell/send to make the most money for your DVDs, CDs, or Blu-rays.
    • Pros: Can often receive more money as Bonavendi connects you to different vendors. 
    • Cons: Sending to multiple vendors takes more time as compared to something like a Decluttr where you are just shipping to one place. 

#7: Garage Sale

    • There are a number of more high-tech solutions in the list but a good ol fashioned garage sale can work too. Post on Craigslist or Nextdoor to annonce the time/place and the genres you have.
    • Pros: Easy to set up and run. No scanning or sending.
    • Cons: Limited buyer pool. 

#8: Local Independent Record Store (for used CDs especially)

    • Local indie shops can be a great spot for used media (especially CDs and vinyl). I recently spoke with an owner of an independent record store and he told me the used CD market has really picked up in the past year and that CDs are making a comeback similar to what happened with records a few years ago. Because of that your local record store may be interested in your used CDs.
    • Pros: Supporting local business. Easy process. 
    • Cons: You don’t always receive top dollar as the store has to make money too. 

#9: Donate to Goodwill for a tax write-off. 

    • If the idea of selling all your used DVDs, CDs, and blu-rays feels way too overwhelming the best option may be to simply donate them to the Goodwill or a similar charitable organization. Going the donation route is a super fast and easy way to de-clutter your life and get a tax deduction which will put more money in your pocket come tax time. Be sure to get a receipt and file it away with your tax paperwork so you or your accountant will have it handy come tax season.
    • Pro: Fast and easy.
    • Con: You’ll receive less economic benefit than if you sold for cash. 

The Bottom Line: What we learned + our 3 favorite ways to sell used DVDs: 

So what did we learn from selling all these old DVDs? It’s takes some time but there is absolutely an opportunity to cash in your collection and make some extra money. The best option for you really comes down to the size of your collection and how much time you want to dedicate to selling it. We ultimately mixed and matched a number of the options above to get top dollar. If I had to do it all over again I’d recommend the following three options:

  1. Start with Amazon. Sell the titles you can get decent money for on Amazon.
  2. Next, sell the remainder to Decluttr
  3. Finally, donate any ‘rejects’ or others you can’t sell to Goodwill and get a tax deduction. 

If you stick to these three I think you’ll get the best balance between maximizing your sales price and not spending a lifetime trying to sell your used DVDs. The selling process can be a bit of a slog but we kept it lighthearted and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed making fun of my buddy for spending actual money on some unbelievably terrible movies (Crossroads with Britney Spears?!?).

Curtis was a happy camper too; after we sold everything he had some more money in his pocket and an extra bedroom (AirBNB opportunity anyone?!?). It took some time but it was well worth it for the extra money and freed up space. I’d encourage anyone with used DVDs that are just collecting dust to at a minimum check out Amazon and Decluttr and start the process of selling your used DVDs. 

Bonus: Used DVD Money Making Idea!

We noticed there is a price gap between what some thrift shops are selling DVDs and CDs for (sometimes $0.10 each) and what you can get on Amazon or Decluttr. If you have the time, you could grind out some money by flipping DVDs and CDs. Just to name a few… we noticed things like Law & Order series’, Disney/Pixar movies, and some rare or niche movies can do well on the used DVD market. If you find any of those titles in a thrift store definitely scan them with your Amazon app and see if you can make a few bucks!

Have more tips on what worked best for you in selling your used DVDs, CDs, or Blu-Rays? Drop a comment below!