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Welcome to the WealthFam resources page. This page is your one stop shop for all of the most essential resources that will help you make or save more money. Many of these topics have a detailed blog post if you want to dig deeper. This page will give you a good starting point and illustrate the key tools needed for topics like making money blogging, starting an Amazon business, re-financing student loan debt, and much more.


Amazon FBA: The Essential Tools For Starting An Amazon FBA Business

I wrote a comprehensive post on all the steps you need to take to start an Amazon business right here. That post will be a good started. Another training I like is called Freedom Ticket. It’s a great resource for people new to Amazon FBA. The best is that it’s free with a paid subscription to Helium 10 which is table stakes software if you’re serious about selling on Amazon. You can sign up for it here. Use WEALTHFAM50 to save 50% off your first month or WEALTHFAM10 to save 10% every month for the life of your plan.

Go back and listen to all the AM/PM Podcast. The early episodes with Manny Coats are some my favs and got me inspired to start my business. If you plow through these podcasts you’ll have a great grounding in how to start making money on Amazon

Product Research
Helium 10. I’m not a big believer in spending lots of money on software or fancy tools. The one and only essential tool Amazon sellers need is called Helium 10. Helps with product research, keyword tracking, competitor intelligence, and more. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. We started with Jungle Scout which is still a great tool but have switched to Helium 10 as it has a more robust suite of tools. If you want to save a few bucks use WEALTHFAM50 to save 50% off your first month or WEALTHFAM10 to save 10% every month for the life of your plan.

Supplier Database
Alibaba and GlobalSources are the two biggies.

Profitability Tracker
We love Hello Profit. That is what we used throughout the life of our business. Helium 10 has a really solid profit tracking tool included in the price as well but is not quite as robust as Hello Profit. Understanding your unit economics is so so important so please invest in one of these tools if you have an Amazon business. If you’re tight on funds just start with Helium 10 and see if that is enough for you.

Email Follow Up
We use Salesbacker to send automated follow up emails to buyers and find it to work great. Helium 10 has a follow up feature embedded but we found it not quite as user friendly.

Product Photography
High-quality product photography is essential to success on Amazon. We’ve had good luck with Upgraded Images for our photos.

Blogging: The Essential Tools For Starting A Blog

Hosting: Siteground. They are awesome. Some people like Bluehost but for a touch more money we prefer Siteground.
Platform: WordPress. You’ll get free WordPress access when you sign up for Siteground.
Keyword Research: KWFinder.com is what we use and love. Don’t start a blog without it! If you need a free option ubersuggest is great as well.
Photos: Pixabay, Pexels, and Upsplash
Email: Mailchimp for beginners. Please please please start collecting emails with a service like MailChimp when you start a blog. You’ll thank me later!

Email Marketing: The Essential Tools Needed For Email Marketing

We started with MailChimp and love that it was free to start. We are currently using Convert Kit and it has been awesome. For our e-com store we used Klaviyo which expensive but totally phenomenal. I suggest you start with MailChimp or ConvertKit and switch over to Klaviyo if you find you need more functionality.
Free: MailChimp (great option for blogs and beginners)
Intermediate: Convert Kit (good all around solution)
Advanced: Klaviyo (hands down the best option for e-com stores)

E-Commerce Store: The Essential Tools Needed For Running An E-Com Store

Platform/Software: Shopify. This is a no brainer in our opinion. Shopify is easy to use, affordable, and has great support. We build our stores on Shopify and love the platform.
Email Marketing: Klaviyo. If you have an e-com store we’d highly suggest investing in Klaviyo. It will create a ton of value for you.
Apps: There are a ton of great apps. Some of our favs are SumoMe, Facebook Shop, and Product Reviews.
Payroll: We’ve had great luck with Gusto
Accounting: Our e-com shop used Xero and we loved it

Side Hustles To Generate Quick Cash

We did an article with 50 ways explaining how to make money fast.

Course Creation: The Essential Tools Needed For Creating A Profitable Course

Platform/Software: Teachable. This is our go-to for course creation. It’s very popular in the industry and for good reason.

Creating a course can be highly lucrative so we’d encourage you to see how easy it is to make one signing up and using Teachable. Not sure what to make a course about? Easy. Whatever you are currently doing for your business try making a course on it. Chances are another entrepreneur is going through the same thing and they would find valuable. That could be implementing Klaviyo, starting your blog, or creating a Shopify store. Teachable rocks and we’d encourage everyone to give it a try.


Insurance Top Picks

Auto/Home/Umbrella Insurance: Shop your policy around. At minimum shop three providers such as Liberty Mutual, Geico, and Esurance
Small Business Insurance: Hiscox

Student Loan DebtΒ 

Re-financing your student loan debt can often generate hundreds of dollars of savings per month. Here are the two big players you should check out:


Stock Market Investing

Brokerage: We love Vanguard because they have low fees and great service.
Learning: We recommend reading The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing. It’s a powerful book that stresses to keep things single, keep costs low, and stay the course over the long haul. It does a great job simplifying investing.

Real Estate Investing

Learning: Biggerpockets forum and podcasts.
Investing (<$50k): Fundrise
Investing (>$50k): Origin Investments