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Hello and welcome! My name is Paul and I’m the co-founder of WealthFam. Thanks for stopping by!

What exactly is WealthFam? 💸

First off, here’s what you can expect from our site:

  • A place to help our readers (aka “the fam”) reach their financial goals
  • A place to take a supposedly boring or complex topic like personal finance and make it interesting, easily-understandable, and educational
  • A place to record our personal progress and keep us accountable to our financial goals
  • A place to share financial, career, and parenting successes and failures we and other fam members have had in hopes it may help our readers

Who are you people? 👪

My wife and I are both personal finance and online business nerds. The way normal people talk about their favorite sports teams or favorite shows on Netflix is the way we talk about personal finance and online business. Yes, we know we’re nerds so no need to make fun of us 😂

The journey going from broke students to young professionals to entrepreneurs to parents has taught us A LOT! We don’t claim to know everything but we’ve experienced a lot and hope by sharing our ups and downs it will help you on your own journey.

We’ve been fortunate to have a bit of success too. Recently we sold our online business and are now financially independent 🔥. Check out the About Us page to learn more about our road to financial independence including how we started and sold a 7-figure business that started with less than $5,000 and was run entirely on a $300 Chromebook (I know that sounds so click baity but it truly is what happened!). We believe if you have the knowledge and hustle you too can have success like this and we want to help you get there.

We’re very plugged into online business… Amazon FBA, direct-to-consumer, blogging, side-hustles, etc. If you’re into making more money and then being smart with that money we think you’ll enjoy the site. This site is itself a new business for us. And for the foreseeable future we’ll be publishing our Income Reports which shows the money we make from the site and any learnings we had building the site.

Before Wealthfam and online business I (Paul) was a CPA who worked in accounting and finance. My wife is/was a successful businesswoman with an MBA from a top school. So we have a unique perspective given we’ve had traditional careers, entrepreneurial ventures, and are personal finance nerds. We’re also parents to an amazing little kiddo and understand how money intersects with life. We hope we can get to know some of you better as you walk you journey to financial independence and a life well lived.

What are YOU interested in? 💲🔥🏖️

Our site is broken up into a few big sections. Hopefully there is something that will appeal to you no matter where you are in your financial journey. Here they are as well as one of our most popular articles from each section:

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You’ll hear us talk about “the fam” quite often. What is the fam beside an admittedly cheesy term? The fam is our community of readers and contributors.

We all have unique backgrounds, interests, and are in different parts of our financial journey. One thing we do all have in common is the desire to keep learning, growing, and reaching our financial goals.

There are three ways to stay connected and be a part of the fam:

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The Financial Challenge

We’re planning to launch our very first financial challenge later this year. It’s a 21 day challenge with a bite-sized piece of actionable info to help your grow your wealth that arrives in your inbox each day. We’d love it if you join us and give feedback on what you like and dislike. And we think you’ll also be in better financial shape after the 21 days.

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We hope to see you soon!

Resources page 🔑

We’ve compiled a resources page which highlights all our most helpful resources from all our various posts. You can find it here.

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We’d love to hear from you. Drop a line and say hello using the below channels:

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Want to be featured in Wealth Diaries?

We’re also looking for people to be featured in our series which talks about real peoples real money. It’s call the Wealth Diaries series. If you think you’d be a good candidate to be featured shoot us a note! All submissions and publications are kept confidential.

Thank You 🙏

Thanks for reading and caring. We’ve been extremely lucky to have whatever small success we’ve had in business and it truly is a credit to mentors both online and offline. There are people we’ve never met that have inspired us greatly through sharing their story and leanings on podcasts or online. We hope our site helps you get inspired to become smarter about your financial well-being. Thanks for your support. Onward and upward!