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How to Earn Money as a Kid 💰

Do you want to learn how to make money as a kid but aren’t sure where to start? Whether you’re a parent reading this or a kid looking for a little inspiration to get started, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve given you ideas for jobs for a 15 year old, but here’s a complete list of ways to make money as a kid which encompasses a wide range of ages. Are all of these jobs glamorous? No. Do all of them pay out right away? Not necessarily. But this is a great way to answer the age-old question of how can kids make money while still going to school and keeping up with chores.

As you’re going through this list, don’t forget to check out your state’s labor laws to verify when you can legally begin to work for someone else. There are lots of ideas you can start in your own home, completely on your own. And please check with your parents before starting any new money making venture to get their blessing. With a little research, you’ll be able to quickly start earning more money in 2020. Okay without further ado let’s talk about how to make money as a kid!

55 Ways to Make Money as a Kid

1. Blogger

A personal favorite of mine is learning to blog. It doesn’t matter what age you are, you can create content people really want to read on your own website. The best part is you can earn money while running this creative outlet completely online. We’ve made it easy to start a blog right here at WealthFam. If you have a subject which interests you and you feel you can write several articles on it, then a blog is one of many exciting ways for kids to make money.

2. Website Builder

You can build your own website and monetize it (via a blog, selling products, etc). If you don’t want to run your own website, you can build basic websites for other people. It takes very little money to startup and the more you practice, the faster you will become at building websites.

3. Create a YouTube Channel

You can create your own YouTube channel and learn how to monetize your site. Advertisers will pay money depending on how many subscribers and viewers are in your audience. While this is a dream job for many young people, it can take quit a while to earn money from your channel.

4. Make Money on Instagram

If you are savvy with Instagram then why not turn it into a business? There are several ways to monetize an Instagram account by partnering with companies and featuring products.

5. Monetize on TikTok

TikTok is the hottest new platform for expressing creativity. Create your channel and look for ways to incorporate brand sales and partner with businesses to advertise. It you strike gold in the TikTok goldrush you might end up out in LA doing collabs in a mansion.

6. Technology Assistant

If you know how to use a smartphone, laptop, or other electronic, then why not make a little money teaching others how to use technology? Many people are uncomfortable with electronics and need lessons to get them started.

7. Basic Graphic Design

There are software and online programs which can be purchased for basic graphic design. Not only can you help someone with their graphic design needs, but you can sell digital downloads of items you create.

8. Freelance Photography

If you love photography and capturing cool moments then consider earning money as a freelance photographer. Although you initially have to invest in decent equipment (with cameras, lighting, editing) you can quickly find work among your friends and family. You can also try selling your work to stock photography sites.

9. Freelance Writing

If you  love to write content such as articles and blog posts, then you can earn serious money as a freelance writer. It doesn’t matter your age as long you can research and provide thoughtful information to readers.

10. Ebay Sales

Many people use Ebay (or other marketplace websites) to sell all sorts of products. If you know how to use Ebay then you can charge to help people load their listings online. Selling items online can be a confusing task so if you can help make it easier for someone, then you can earn extra cash. If you don’t want to teach people, you can sell your own items on Ebay.

11. Repair/Resell Electronics

If you have any experience repairing electronics (smartphones, computers, laptops, watches) then you can turn it into a lucrative business. Not only can you make money off the repair,  but you can also resell items you’ve bought and repaired.

12. Basic Coding Skills

Nowadays you can find classes and courses teaching kids to code. Once you are comfortable, you can begin helping people out with basic coding and computer science needs. The demand for coders will only continue to grow, making this a very lucrative skill.

13. Mowing Lawns

One of the most classic ways to make money as a kid is to mow lawns. There’s a reason it’s so popular – there are plenty of lawns to be mowed and it takes time to properly maintain a lawn. You can earn serious dough by offering lawn mowing services to your family and neighbors.

14. Rake Leaves

As classic as mowing lawns, raking leaves will always be needed. You can earn quick money by offering to rake, bag, and haul away people’s leaves. There’s an added bonus of getting a great physical workout and very little investment in equipment.

15. Basic Landscaping

Dependable help with landscaping is always in demand. You can advertise to help with basic landscaping needs such as pulling weeds, trimming bushes, raking leaves, etc. You need very little equipment to get started and can advertise by word of mouth or fliers.

16. Shovel Snow

Shoveling snow may not be applicable to all parts of the country, but there’s quite a demand for this physical work when it does snow. It takes very little to get started and you can quickly build up your reputation for being fast, reliable, and available when needed.

17. Pressure Washing

If you can operate a decent-size pressure washer and aren’t afraid to climb up on a ladder, then learning to pressure wash can be a lucrative business. Not only can this be performed in the evenings and on the weekends, but you can work close to your home. Plus there’s a low startup cost!

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re trained so you don’t end up like this little guy 😂

18. Painting

Painting in houses is messy, time-consuming work. If you’re old enough to assist a painter then you can make good money painting the interior and exterior of houses and businesses.

19. Wash Windows

Washing windows can be tough work physically, but it takes very little equipment to get started. You can advertise by passing out fliers in a neighborhood and posting to community websites. Both businesses and residents need to have windows cleaned regularly – which means work all year long.

20. Babysitter

Babysitting will always be a popular choice for one simple reason – people keep having kids. If you like working with children, are available in the evenings and weekends, and can take a CPR course, then you can quickly begin earning fantastic money as a babysitter.

21. Parent’s Helper

Similar to babysitting, but not necessarily childcare related, you can market yourself as a Parent’s Helper for parenting tasks. Moms and Dads need an extra set of hands sometimes to organize, clean, run errands or even distracting the kids while parents get things done.

22. Dog Walker

Dogs need to be walked on a daily basis, some requiring multiple walks per day. Whether you live in a condo, apartment, or neighborhood, there will always be a demand for reliable dog walkers. If you love animals and can properly use a leash then this might be a perfect fit. Dog Walking is a

23. Pooper Scooper

We love our pets which means there’s plenty of poop needing to be scooped up almost everywhere. Busy households don’t always have the time to ensure this weekly chore gets taken care of in a timely manner. You can charge for weekly, monthly, or one-time pickups  after pets. It’s a dirty job but people are willing to pay to make sure it’s done regularly.


24. Pet Sitting

When families have to travel away from their house, sometimes they prefer for their pets to stay at home instead of having to be boarded. You can offer pet services where you feed, walk, and play with the pets, and any other tasks needed.

25. House Sitting

Even if a household doesn’t have pets, people still need house sitters sometimes if they are traveling. Typical duties include checking the mail, making sure garbage cans are pulled out onto street and other duties. House sitting is especially popular in the summer when people are traveling for extended periods of time.

26. Clean Houses

Chances are you know someone who owns their own cleaning company or someone who works for one. Cleaning houses is hard work but the hourly pay can be lucrative.

27. Car Washer/Detailer

As long as dirt continues to get on cars then there will always be demand for someone to wash cars. You can try running your own car wash and detail service (where you go directly to people’s homes or businesses) or you can work for an established car wash facility.

28. Cleaning Horse Stalls

If you live near any equestrian facilities then chances are they will need help cleaning the stalls and feeding the horses. If you like horses chances are you’ll get free or reduced rates on riding or lessons.


29. Simple Manual Labor

If you are willing to work and have different skills, then one way a kid can make money is with simple manual labor skills. Construction workers always need an extra set of hands on job sites.

30. Light Carpentry Work

If you’re comfortable with a hammer and nails, then light carpentry work can be a way to earn additional money as a kid. Not only do you get to work with your hands all day, but you can quickly pickup skills to learn for the next job.

31. Lemonade Stand

🍋 This might be the most classic of all kid businesses! Is there anything more refreshing on a hot day than ice cold lemonade? Take advantage of people’s thirst and setup a lemonade stand. Pick a place which has considerable foot traffic and you’ll sell out of lemonade in no time.

32. Sell Baked Goods

If you love to bake or make treats, then setup your own bake sale. It’s hard for people to resist homemade brownies and cookies, especially if they are out running errands. See if you can setup next to a garage sale or a sports field to get the foot traffic you need.

33. Tutoring

If you are strong in one or two subjects then you can make a tremendous amount by offering tutoring services. You can provide them at your school or at the client’s home. It’s a great way to earn cash and you can make a huge impact on a child’s performance in school.

34. Jewelry Design and Sales

If you have a knack for creating items by hand then give jewelry design and sells a try. Shoppers love to purchase unique items which don’t  look mass produced and custom-made jewelry is always popular.

35. Make and Sell Crafts

Similar to making jewelry, you can make and sell your own crafts. You can try partnering with a local boutique or posting to your neighborhood facebook page to showcase your items.

36. Start an Etsy Site

Etsy is a website which features unique items for sale by individuals so it’s a perfect way for a kid to make money. Don’t have anything to sell? Try making printables and selling digital downloads.

37. Create and Sell T-Shirts

If you can turn a design into something someone would want to wear, then why not create and sell your own t-shirts? Once you have the shirts made, you can sell them locally or on a site like Etsy. Merch by Amazon is another great print on demand option for t-shirt design and sales.

38. Beverage Cart Attendant

If you live near a country club then ask about driving the beverage cart while the golfers are out on the course. You can earn money with an hourly wage as well as earning tips. Since golfers start early in the morning and finish at dark, you’ll be able to earn money all day.

39. Golf Bag Attendant

If you aren’t interested in driving around a beverage cart, look into a job as a Golf Bag Attendant at a club. You can earn great money from tips and interact with people throughout the day.

40. Caddying at a Golf Course

If you love the game of golf and interacting with golfers (or people who think they know how to play golf) then learning to caddy can be a fun way to earn money as a kid. Many courses will let you caddy on the weekends only, all while learning more about golf and earning great money from tips.

41. Ice Cream Shop Attendant

Who doesn’t love ice cream?!? There are ice cream shops on every corner because kids and adults will never stop eating ice cream. If you have a shop nearby and you’re old enough according to your state laws, then an ice cream shop is a fun way to make money as a kid.

42. Grocery Store Clerk

Most grocery stores will hire younger workers (this varies by state, don’t forget to research your state laws). A grocery store is a perfect place for a first job. The hours can be tailored around a school schedule, you can meet people your own age, plus you learn customer service skills.

43. Salon Assistant

Here’s something you never think about- all the hair on the floor at a salon has to swept up somehow by someone. Salons need help keeping the floors clean and keeping products stocked on the shelves. Since most salons are busiest on Saturdays, it makes it ideal for working around a school schedule.

44. Lifeguard

Being a lifeguard allows you the chance to meet lots of families. It’s not limited to outdoors in the summertime either. Once you get certified and go through training, you can work at an outdoor pool, a local gym, or aquatic center.

45. Swim Instructor

If you can be certified and know the basics of swimming, you can offer swim lessons at a local aquatic center or private lessons. You can even go to people’s homes and teach in their own swimming pool.

46. Assistant Coach

If you love a particular sport, check with your local recreation league to see if you can become an assistant coach. You can earn money and work with people living in your community, it’s a fun way to meet new families.

47. Umpire and Referee

Similar to coaching, if you love sports and are familiar with the rules of a particular one, you can umpire or referee to earn money as a kid. It’s also a fun way to get exercise.

48. Work at a Library

Your local library is not only a great resource for books and publications, but it’s also a wonderful place to work if you love helping people and being surrounded by books.

49. Concession Stand Worker

Local ball fields and basketball courts almost always have concession stands. Since most games and tournaments occur after school and on the weekend, you should be able to get plenty of hours in as a concession stand worker.

50. Candy and Drink Sales

Depending on the rules of the school, try selling candy and drinks to fellow classmates. You can purchase in bulk from your favorite warehouse store and then sell the items to schoolmates. People love convenience of buying from someone right there, and the vending machines don’t always have great choices.

51. Donut Sales

If you’re raising money for a charity or specific goal, you can partner with local or national donut shops to raise money. Many places will allow you to purchase at a discount and then resell donuts to earn money. But make sure you don’t eat all of your profits!

52. Catering Assistant

Caterers need all hands on deck when it comes to setting up for events. Between helping with the actual menu, to delivery and setup, a young set of hands is often needed by caterers. Plus it gives you exposure to the world of event planning and a chance to meet lots of different people.

53. Event Management Assistant

Event managers need temporary help for a variety of reasons. Assisting an event manager can involve setup, cleanup, serving or working through details for upcoming events.

54. Balloon Twisting and Face Painting for Parties

As long as there are kids in the world, there will be parties. And as long as there are parties, people  will want balloon animals and face painting for entertaining. You can partner with local party companies or go completely on your own. Since parties for children are usually afterschool or on the weekend, it makes it an ideal to work with your schedule.

55. Online Surveys

Did you know you can take surveys on your phone or computer and get paid for it? Yes it’s true! One of the favorite sites to start to learn about surveys is through Swagbucks. Please check all terms to ensure you are old enough to participate.

How to Make Money Fast as a Kid | Our 3 Favorite Options

You may read the list above and realize there are several ideas which may be well-suited for younger ones but you want to know how to make money fast as a kid. Here are a few ideas which have a quick start-up time and low cost of entry.

1. Dog Walker or Pet Sitting Service

Without a doubt, dog walking and pet sitting services are one of the easiest ways to quickly start earning an income. The best way to advertise is right in your neighborhood and with people you know. Simply create fliers and post on the neighborhood Facebook page to spread the word.

2. Babysitting and Parent’s Helper Services

If you are mature, responsible, and old enough to watch after other children then babysitting is a great resource for earning money. Not only is it great money, but you can make a real difference to the parents and children.

3. Candy and Drink Sales

No doubt, selling candy and drinks is a quick way to make money fast as a kid. Both kids and adults are willing to pay a couple of bucks if the items are right there in front of them. If you set yourself up at an ideal location (school, ballgame, garage sell) then you can re-coop your investment and make a quick profit.

How to Make Money as a Kid | 3 Great Job Seeker Resources

You may read the list above and realize there are several ideas which may be well-suited for younger ones but you want to know how to make money fast as a kid. Here are a few ideas which have a quick start-up time and low cost of entry.

1. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a local neighborhood website that connects neighbors. We’ve seen many teens have really good luck making money on Nextdoor. As always, please be safe when posting on line and meeting anyone in person. You should always involve your parents when communicating with anyone on Nextdoor.

Job Ideas for Kids & Teens on

  • Raking leaves
  • Shoveling snow
  • Babysitting
  • Tutoring
  • Musical instrument lessons

2. The Internet

Okay this one is obvious but the internet is incredible for so many things. Interested in learning how to make money on YouTube? You can educate yourself on Reddit, Facebook Groups, and YouTube videos and learn so much. The education opportunities and money making opportunities as huge.

3. Word of mouth

Sometimes simply making it known you are looking to make money will lead to opportunities. This could come from your parents’ friends, your neighbors, your school, and more. Make it known to people you know and trust that you’re looking to make some extra money and ask if they have any ideas. You might be surprised at the opportunities that arise.

It Can Be Fun Learning How to Make Money as a Kid

We know being young can be hard sometimes, but knowing how to earn money as a kid should be easy! Earning your own money and making the decisions on how to spend and save can be empowering. And always remember to stay safe. Tell your parents your plan and ensure you are always staying safe both online and offline.

Thanks for learning about creative ways for kids to make money. Hopefully this list of ways to earn money as a kid will open your mind to all the possibilities available and get you started earning right away. Drop a comment below and let us know how you make extra money as a kid!

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