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If you’re looking for a Helium 10 discount code or Helium 10 coupon code you’ve come to the right spot. Helium 10 is hands down our favorite tool for Amazon sellers and is where we’d invest our first dollar if we were starting an Amazon business today. They’ve built an incredible product and it truly is the must have software for Amazon sellers. If you’re looking to save money with Helium 10 we have good news for you… we’ve got you covered with two great money saving offers.

Why we love Helium 10. 

Hey there – this is Paul. I’m the founder of WealthFam and a 7-figure Amazon FBA seller. I’m proof that an Amazon business can change your life.

I started my Amazon FBA business back in 2016. In 2017 I hit 7 figures in sales, doubled it in 2018, and had a 7 figure exit in 2019. It was a wild ride. You can read the longer version of my story helium 10 discount codehere if you’re interested. 

My million dollar idea: I stumbled upon my million dollar business through a random conversation with my parents. They mentioned a product and for whatever reason it resonated with me as a potential winner on Amazon. I went home and checked the product on Jungle Scout (H10 didn’t exist yet back then) and was off to the races. Having a product research tool was key from day one. 

Side note… I’ve since switched from Jungle Scout to Helium 10. In my opinion Helium 10 is a superior product. I also love that Helium 10 is an all-in-one solution and has incredible customer support. It’s the only tool Amazon sellers need. It literally does everything you could want to help you create and run a successful Amazon FBA business. 

Back in 2016 I also learned so much from Manny Coats’ AM/PM podcast. That show was everything for me and helped create my life changing business. It’s come full circle and we now have a special partnership with our friends at Helium 10 that will provide our readers a money saving discount so you too can start a life changing Amazon FBA business. There are two great Helium 10 coupon code options. 

Helium 10 Discount Code #1: 50% off your first month


Helium 10 Discount Code #2: 10% off forever!


Why should I sign up for Helium 10? Risk free for 30 days. 

If you’re serious about selling with Amazon FBA it is critical to utilize software like Helium 10. They also have a full 30 day money back guarantee so if you don’t get value from it then simply request a refund and they’ll get you squared away. Every serious Amazon I know uses Helium 10 because of the all-in-one suite of amazing tools. It’s table stakes if you want to win on Amazon. 

Here are just a few of the capabilities of Helium 10:

  • Perform product research and pick a winning product
  • Analyze competition
  • Track keywords to understand your all important organic rank on Amazon
  • Send follow up email to help drive good reviews
  • Understand your sales and profitability
  • Free training like the Freedom Ticket to help you win big on Amazon

Honestly selling on Amazon without Helium 10 would feel like flying an airplane with a blindfold on. It’s just not smart. These tools are essential if you’re serious about creating an Amazon FBA business. 

Want to learn more about how to start a FBA business? Read our complete guide to starting an Amazon FBA business here.  

How I sign up for Helium 10? Which plan should I sign up for? 

There are various Helium 10 plans. You can get started with a free plan or spend as much as $397 per month for the software. 

The plan I personally use and what I recommend is the Platinum Plan. The free plan is pretty limited in features. The Diamond and Elite plan are great but if you’re just starting out likely have more capabilities than you need. You can always upgrade as necessary. So in my opinion the Platinum Plan is where it’s at. 

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How to apply a Helium 10 coupon code

Here are the four simple steps to apply your Helium 10 coupon code. Remember, use discount code WEALTHFAM50 to receive 50% off your first month or use WEALTHFAM10 will to receive 10% off per month forever.

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Sign up for today and save money with our Helium 10 discount code

You can sign up for Helium 10 by clicking the green button below. And don’t forget to use your discount codes.

  • WEALTHFAM50 will get you 50% off your first month 
  • WEALTHFAM10 will get you 10% off per month forever

Good luck with your FBA business! Thanks and happy selling!

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