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Want to know how to start a business, become wealthy, etc?

We wish we had the time to connect with each reader on a one-on-one basis to talk through topics like financial independence, starting a business, etc. The good news is that pretty much everything is there for your immediate consumption on It’s just the investment of time to read and absorb everything. We don’t have any ‘secret tips’ or anything like that to reveal via email! The Start Here page is a great place to get started with WealthFam.

Need help blogging?

Lots of people are curious how to build and grow their own blog. If you are just starting out please check out our ‘How to Start a Blog‘ article. For more detailed information you may find our Income Reports useful. In addition to sharing income details, these monthly reports also detail what is working well, what isn’t working, tips, advice, and more.

Guest post?

We are not currently accepting guest posts. Check back in the future as this may change.

Sponsored post | Partnering with WealthFam?

In limited instances we are open to partnering with other companies and brands that we believe would be a good fit for our readers. You can contact us at hello at wealthfam dot com if interested.

Interested in advertising?

Contact us at hello at wealthfam dot com.

Podcast guest?

We are podcast junkies and loves all things podcasting! In certain circumstances we would be thrilled to be a guest on your podcast. Please reach out at hello at wealthfam dot com if interested.

Want feedback, advice, etc?

It’s an honor that anyone would ask us for feedback! That said, it’s difficult for us to take the time to properly understand your situation and dole out any advice. We just don’t feel comfortable with it as usually there is more context needed to actually give meaningful feedback. Our Facebook Group is a great place to ask questions and we or the community will hopefully provide some helpful feedback.

Want permission to link, share or repost?

Permission granted! If WealthFam has been helpful to you and you’d like to tell your audience or readers about it, please feel free to write a short blurb (in your own words) and link back to our site. A shout-out and backlink is normally majorly appreciated by bloggers and site owners, so permission is not necessary most of the time. You can feel free to share. However, remember that that blog content is copyrighted so doing full re-posts is considered poor form.

Looking for a consultant or coach?

We don’t offer coaching at this time.

Want to submit a “newsletter nugget”?

Have a quick tip or golden nugget that you think would be beneficial to the WealthFam community? If so please feel free to send it on through and you may see it in a future newsletter. Here are submission guidelines:

  • Preference will be given to those tips that offer quick, practical advice to entrepreneurs about topics such as side hustles, generating passive income, personal finance, blogging, or working from home
  • Send your submission in an email with “Newsletter Nugget” in the subject line
  • Submission does not guarantee publication

Want to connect elsewhere?

Join our amazing Facebook Group here!

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Got another question, suggestion, etc?

We’re all ears! Feel free to email us at hello at wealthfam dot com

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Hello! 👋 My name is Paul. I'm a personal finance nerd, former CPA, and founder of WealthFam.🤓 A few years ago I was stuck in a job I didn't like and was decades away from financial independece.😞 That same year I started my e-com business with $5k and a $300 Chromebook. In two years my side hustle grew into a 7 figure business.📈 After selling the business and becoming financially independent, my wife and I started WealthFam. I hope this site can help you on your financial and life journey whether that means starting a business, making money online, or just being smarter about your finances. Thanks for stopping by!🙏


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