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The 4% Rule Explained


What Is The 4% Rule? The 4% rule is the concept that a person can withdraw 4% of his savings each year without depleting his principal over the long term. Said differently, by withdrawing no more than 4% of your savings, statistically you can expect the balance to last 30+ [...]

The 4% Rule Explained2019-11-15T11:44:58-06:00
  • burn rate

Burn Rate | The Meaning of Burn Rate


The Meaning of Burn Rate & Why It's Important Have you heard the term burn rate or cash burn rate but weren't entirely sure what it meant? In this post we'll explain the meaning of this word, illustrate a simple calculation, and explain why this concept is important. Burn Rate Meaning [...]

Burn Rate | The Meaning of Burn Rate2019-11-15T11:44:15-06:00
  • rich vs wealthy

Rich vs Wealthy: The Difference Between Rich and Wealthy


Rich vs Wealthy: The difference between rich and wealthy explained. Rich vs wealthy: these two words mean the same thing right? Not exactly! In fact there are important differences between rich and wealthy. Let's explain the difference... The definition of a rich person:  A rich person is someone who trades [...]

Rich vs Wealthy: The Difference Between Rich and Wealthy2020-01-03T15:16:35-06:00