Blog Income Report

Hello! We’re publishing a monthly blog income report to share a peek behind the curtain of WealthFam. Hopefully some of you will find this educational and, if we ever make any money, inspirational as well. 😊 Our plan is to share a monthly blog income report which will break down revenue, expenses, and earnings from the site. We’ll also share the tools we are using to build the site in case you also want to build your own blog and what to see what’s working well for us.Β 

Blog Income Report – December 2019

Blog Revenue

Ad Revenue: $0
Affiliate Income: $0
Sponsorship Revenue: $0
Product Revenue: $0

The site was finally live and searchable on Google in December. It turns out when you flip the switch on, loads of traffic doesn’t just appear on your site. Hopefully this changes in time!

Blog Expenses

WordPress Design and Development: $1,800
Siteground Hosting: $4
Logo Creation: $50
ConvertKit Email Service: $29

Although WealthFam wasn’t yet a live site, we did still have expenses to get the site off the ground.

Blog Income

December 2019 EARNINGS: -$1,883

This was not a blog income report to write home about! We lost almost $1.9k this month but that was totally expected and an investment in our future business. Hopefully this investment will pay off and we see some traffic!

What Did We Work On This Month?

December was an exciting month because we finally hit ‘publish’ and made WealthFam live on the internet! We’ve worked really hard on the site and the initial content so it was a great feeling to see it go live. Like most content sites, our blog was met with crickets. πŸ¦— We know it takes at least three months to start to see any traffic so this wasn’t a big surprise. We’ll just keep plugging along and hope that if we build it they will come!

December Blog WorkΒ 

  • Writing: Lots and lots of writing. I wrote a 10,000 word article on How to Start an Amazon Business. It took what felt like literally forever and I worry it’s so long that people won’t find it helpful. I tried to explain each of the steps I took when starting my million dollar Amazon business so hopefully some people find it helpful.Β 
  • Email: We set up some email flows in Convert Kit. You can now sign up for what we’re calling our Money Monday newsletter or get on the list for the 21 Day Financial Challenge.Β 
  • Hiring Freelancers: We’re starting partnering with some awesome freelancers to help us get more content on the site.

About Us & WealthFam

In early 2019 we sold our e-commerce business to a group of private investors. This was the culmination of years of hard work and was a life changer for our family. It was stressful, exciting, and rewarding all at the same time. It made us true believers in the power of online businesses and financial freedom. We learned so much for podcasts and various websites and hope this website in some small way can help someone else on their journey. You can read all about our story here if interested.Β 

WealthFam combines all the things we love:

  • Personal finance (Paul is a former CPA and personal finance nerd)
  • Online business and marketing
  • Writing
  • Educating and helping people live better financial lives

Thanks for reading, caring, and following along with our journey. We appreciate it!
-Risa & Paul

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