Want The Best Money Making Apps? | Try These 50 Apps That Pay You!

Interested in finding money making apps that pay you? It doesn’t matter if you want some quick cash, money to start investing, or to develop some passive income: extra money never hurts! However, for anyone working a full or part-time job, it can be hard to find a viable side job that actually pays.

Thankfully, the following 50 apps that pay you are all free and incredibly easy to use. These are the best money making apps for 2021. If you want to start a lucrative side hustle or just make extra grocery money each month, be sure to read this list of money making apps until the end!

50 Free Money Making Apps That Pay You 💰

There is a surprising number of free money apps out there. However, the best way to find the right type of app for you is to search by category. After all, some money making apps are mostly passive, whereas others are designed for serious hustlers.
This post of ‘Apps That Pay You’ will cover the following categories:
  • Passive apps
  • Gig economy apps
  • Fitness apps (semi-passive)
  • Rental platforms
  • Cash back & reward apps
  • The best survey apps
  • Apps that pay you to sell things
  • Secret shopper apps

The result is the best money making apps of 2020. Let’s get to it.

Passive Money Making Apps That Pay You

If you’re strapped for time but want to boost your income, the following passive income apps that pay you are your best friend.

#1. MobileXpression

MobileXpression is a free app that rewards users for running in the background of their phone. The company behind MobileXpression is actually a market research company that aims to understand trends in mobile user behavior and usage. MobileXpression does not sell your personal information. Instead, data from thousands of users is amalgamated into extensive data sets, ensuring your privacy.

In return for running MobileXpression, users earn credits that can be redeemed for free gift cards to stores like Amazon or Best Buy. MobileXpression pays roughly $1.66 a week in credit, but the app also awards users with $5 after their first week. It won’t break the bank, but hey, it’s free money.

mobilexpression-apps that pay you

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#2. Embee Mobile Performance Meter

Embee Meter is another data collection app for Android devices that works the exact same way as MobileXpression. In the world of apps that pay, this is as passive as it gets.

Your device type and mobile phone provider influences how much you earn. However, most users earn between $0.10-$0.30 per day. This might not sound like much, but this is potentially a free $110 a year for just having an app installed. Plus, Embee Meter also offers occasional surveys which pay more. Points can be redeemed for PayPal cash or free Amazon gift cards.

As you can see from this Reddit thread, it’s definitely a great way to earn some easy passive income:


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#3. Nielsen Panel

Nielsen is a global research company that is most known for providing their Nielsen TV ratings. However, the Nielsen Panel allows computer and mobile users to become a part of online usage research and earn rewards for their time!

The panel is available for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Plus, the more devices you register, the more you earn. Realistically, if you install the panel software on all of your devices, you can probably earn $25 per year in free passive income. However, it will take several months to accumulate enough points to cash out, so keep this in mind.

Nielsen-panel apps that pay you

Plus, Nielsen also enters panel members into sweepstakes, and gives away more than $100,00 to users every month. Points from being a panel member can be redeemed for free gift cards or additional sweepstake entries.

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#4. S’more Lockscreen

S`more Lockscreen isn’t a data collection app. However, if you’re looking for a reliable Android app that pays you, S`more is a guaranteed $36.50 per year.

S`more works by converting your phone’s lockscreen into an interactive environment that contains news articles, blog posts, and advertisements. S`more also offers the ability to answer surveys from Peanut Labs, a well-known survey company. However, you don’t have to interact with any content or answer surveys to make money.

Smore-lockscreen-app that pays you

As long as you use your phone once a day, S`more will pay you $0.10 worth of points. Points can be redeemed for free gift cards to Amazon, CVS, Starbucks, Target, and several other stores. The payout threshold is only $1, so you’ll be able to cash out quite frequently.

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#5. Mistplay

Mistplay isn’t the most pure form of passive income app. However, if you already enjoy playing mobile games on your Android phone, Mistplay is definitely worth checking out.

This money making app is simple. Just download Mistplay, install sponsored games, and play. The more you level up in-game and your overall Mistplay account, the more points you earn.


There’s a healthy selection of games and genres on Mistplay. Plus, points can be redeemed for a variety of free gift card rewards. Like other apps, Mistplay won’t make you rich. However, if you like mobile gaming, there’s no reason not to make some extra cash with an app that pays you.

Download The #1 Loyalty Program For Gamers!

Gig Money Making Apps That Pay You

Passive income apps are perfect for extra pocket change. However, if you want to earn more serious income on the side, the following list of gig apps are the perfect way to start.

#6. TaskRabbit

The TaskRabbit app connects side hustlers to people in need of odd-job help. With the TaskRabbit app (available on IOS and Android), it is easy to tap into a freelance labor marketplace and make money by helping people in your city.

Some common jobs on TaskRabbit include:

  • Furniture assembly.
  • Cleaning.
  • Yard work.
  • Moving help.
  • General handyman help.

TaskRabbit does charge a 15% fee for all completed jobs. However, according to Glassdoor salary reviews, hourly contractors earn anywhere from $24 to $42 per hour. As long as you can land consistent work, TaskRabbit has some serious potential.

TaskRabbit best money making apps

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#7. Handy

If you want to make money as a handyman, electrician, or cleaner, Handy is another great app that pays. Handy states that cleaners can earn up to $22 per hour, and handy work or electrical jobs can pay as high as $45 per hour.


The Handy app is available on IOS and Android. Plus, Handy operates in many major cities across Canada, the United States, and the U.K. Just note, you need prior experience working in electrical or general handyman-type gigs to apply for Handy Pro.

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#8. HelloTech

HelloTech is the perfect side hustle for any tech-savvy individual. The HelloTech marketplace connects skilled technicians with people in need of computer help, WiFi troubleshooting, TV mounting, or other tech-related tasks.

Hello-Tech best money making apps

Applying for HelloTech takes some effort. There is a online skills assessment, phone screening, and background check as part of onboarding. However, HelloTech gigs pay between $30 to $90, and the platform is available in most major cities across America. For anyone with some basic tech knowledge, this is one of the more lucrative money making apps around.

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#9. Dolly

Nobody enjoys moving. However, that’s why platforms like Dolly will pay you to help people with their move.

Dolly is very straightforward. Users either register as a Helper or Hand, based on the following requirements:

  • Helpers – must own a pickup truck/box truck and be capable of lifting 75 pounds.
  • Hands – must be physically able to help move. Essentially, Hands are just extra help.

Helpers earn $30 per hour whereas Hands earn $15 per hour. Dolly is available in many major U.S. cities, and the Dolly app is available on IOS and Android.

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#10. Wonolo

Of all the apps that pay you, Wonolo might be the most versatile one in this list. Wonolo is actually a local job marketplace app that connects laborers with local businesses that are in need of extra help or shift work.

Wonolo lets side hustlers find work in their area the very same day, and jobs are not long-term. This added flexibility makes Wonolo perfect for anyone looking for side cash without serious commitment.

Wonolo-app best money making apps

Common Wonolo jobs include:

  • Shipping and delivery work.
  • Manufacturing jobs.
  • Restaurant help.
  • Event staffing gigs.

If you can’t find work with Wonolo, Jobble and Staffy are two other staffing apps to consider!

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#11. Uber Eats

It doesn’t matter if you drive or bike, delivering food with Uber Eats is one of the most straightforward money making apps around. As with driving for Uber, Uber Eats is a reliable way to make extra income by delivering food to hungry patrons in your city.

Uber Eats requirements:

  • Be at least 19 years old.
  • Drive a vehicle that is made after 1997.
  • Pass a background check.

If you bike, the driving restriction obviously doesn’t apply, and you can stick to delivering food in a smaller radius with the Uber Eats app. Uber charges a 25% commission on orders, but delivery workers keep all their tips. According to Glassdoor, Uber Eats delivery drivers earn roughly $14 to $17 per hour.

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#12. Postmates

Working for Postmates is similar to working for Uber Eats. However, with Postmates, it is possible to make money by delivering groceries, clothing, or pretty much any item.

Postmates couriers earn money in various ways. Couriers are paid for delivering, as well as for total mileage between pickup and drop-off. Plus, couriers are also paid for the wait times at stores and also receive 100% of tips. According to Indeed.com, Postmates workers earn between $20 and $25 per hour.

But, as you can see from this Reddit thread, some side hustlers take delivering for companies like Postmates to the extreme:


This courier has earned over 6 figures after delivering for Postmates for a few years.

The requirements are also similar to Uber Eats. Anyone over 18 with an insured vehicle or a bike can apply. Just note, there is still a background check.

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#13. Lawn Love

If you work in landscape or aren’t opposed to gardening work, Lawn Love is another great app that pays you for your time and effort.

Lawn Love helps connect landscapers with homeowners in need of help. Lawn Lover workers must own their own truck and equipment. However, if you have a basic lawn mower and gardening tools, you can start finding clients in your city for simple jobs like lawn mowing, weed control, or leaf removal.

According to Indeed.com reviews, lawn care specialists earn an average of $700 extra per week. Lawn Love is currently available in hundreds of U.S. cities as well.

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#14. Your Mechanic

If you’re a skilled mechanic or understand how to service a vehicle for oil changes, break-pad changes, or other common maintenance jobs, Your Mechanic is designed for you.


The Your Mechanic app connects vehicle owners with mechanics in their neighborhood. Customers get cheaper work than going to a shop, and mechanics can work from the comfort of their own garage. It’s a win-win. Plus, Your Mechanic is available in over 2,000 U.S. cities, and mechanics earn $40 to $60 per hour according to the average job price on Your Mechanic.

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#15. Zeel

Zeel is the perfect money making app for any licensed massage therapist. With Zeel, it is possible to make money on the side working as an at-home massage therapist for clients.

Obviously, this app is rather niche. However, for trained massage therapists looking for extra work, Zeel is a no-brainer. The app pays you 75% for every booking fee, and a 18% gratuity fee is added to appointments which is paid directly to you.

Zeel also requires clients to provide identification proof to verify accounts. Furthermore, the Zeel app uses a check-in process to ensure workers start and finish their jobs on time, all in the name of worker safety.

Zeel-pricing money earning apps

However, as you can see from Zeel’s pricing, packagaes are over $100. This means, a single Zeel gig would pay $100+ for non-member single appointments. Not too shabby.

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#16. Drive For Lyft (or Uber)

In terms of earning potential and steady work, it’s hard to beat working as a rideshare driver.

It doesn’t matter if you drive for Uber, Lyft, or both companies: major cities always have a demand for drivers. Many drivers use both apps to ensure they have a steady steam of work, and it’s worth looking for lucrative signup bonuses for each company to ensure you make the most for your time.

According to Ridester.com, Uber drivers earn $13.70 per hour while Lyft drivers earn $17.50 per hour. However, Uber often has better signup bonuses, which may make them worthwhile in the short run.

Just be sure to factor in vehicle depreciation and gas into your earnings equation if you are considering this side hustle. Additionally, you can maximize your earnings by using a mileage tracking app to deduct the miles you drive when filing taxes.

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#17. Charge Scooters For Lime & Bird

Are there Lime or Bird scooters in your city? If the answer is yes, you can start a new side hustle right now by charging electric scooters for money!

Companies like Lime or Bird have electric scooters in dozens of major cities in the United States. However, these scooters run on a battery, and they inevitably run out of juice.

That’s where you, the scooter charger, come into play.

Once you download the Lime or Bird app, you can signup to be a charger for either company. Then, the process of making money is simple:

  • Use the app to locate scooters that are low on battery.
  • Collect the scooters and charge them (you will need a car or truck to do this).
  • Return charged scooters to scooter hubs around your city.

charge-bird-scooters money earning apps

Each company pay between $3 to $5 for charging and releasing a scooter. This might not seem like much, but if you use the approach blogger Kevin from Financial Panther is using, that doesn’t matter.

Kevin simply scoops up dead scooters on his way to or from work, charges them overnight, and releases them the next day. This process requires minimal effort, making scooter apps a great way to make some money on the side.

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Fitness Money Making Apps That Pay You

Using fitness apps to make money is truly a ‘two birds, one stone’ scenario. Fitness apps are an excellent way to get in shape and to remain motivated. Plus, adding money to the equation sweetens the deal.

If you want to improve your health and make some extra cash, the following fitness apps are for you.

#18. HealthyWage

HealthyWage is a weight loss app that pays users for betting on their personal fitness goals. Now, before you jump to any conclusions, here’s how HealthyWage works:

  • Calculate a weight loss prize – Use the HealthWage calculator.
  • Place your bet – This monetary commitment is designed to keep players motivated.
  • Lose weight Weekly weight-ins and support groups help monitor progress and keep contestants optimistic.
  • Win Money – Earn back your bet plus interest if you lose your weight loss target in the allotted amount of time.

HealthyWage also has step-based challenges and group weight loss challenges. Many HealthWage bets pay out between 7% to 11% (you can use the calculator to view your own prize), and the money is just an added bonus to getting in shape.

HealthyWage-Calculator money earning apps

Government and corporate sponsors make up a significant amount of HealthyWage’s revenue, so this company actually wants their contestants to succeed. Profiting from failed bets is not the goal here.

Calculate Your Reward On HealthyWage!

#19. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is passive income meets fitness app. In a nutshell, Sweatcoin pays users in an in-app cryptocurrency for walking outside. The more steps you achieve every day, the more Sweatcoins you earn.

Sweatcoin-app money earning apps

Now, Sweatcoins can’t realistically be redeemed for PayPal cash or free gift cards, since these rewards require a ridiculous number of coins to achieve. However, the Sweatcoins store always has plenty of discounts, coupons, and free rewards that just require you to pay for shipping.

Ultimately, this money making app won’t make you rich, but hey, it’s entirely passive!

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#20. StepBet

StepBet is similar to HealthyWage and pays users for wagering and completing their fitness goals. This money making app is part of the Way Better family of apps, which includes other fitness apps like DietBet, RunBet, and SweatBet. All of the apps function on a similar premise, but cover different areas of fitness, such as walking, running, or weight loss.

To date, StepBet has paid more than $83 million to almost 1 million players. StepBet is available on Android and IOS devices and can sync to almost any fitness tracker or fitness app.

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#21. Rover

Rover isn’t exactly a fitness app. However, walking dogs on Rover is a great way to stay active and earn extra cash on the side.

Rover connects dog owners and walkers in need of dog walking assistance or dog sitting. Rover is available in Canada, the United States, and several European countries. Once you create a free profile, you’re able to accept jobs in your area from pet owners in need of help.

Walk-for-rover money earning apps

In terms of pay, here are some averages from Glassdoor.com to know:

  • Dog walkers – Earn $16 to $25 per hour.
  • Dog sitters – Earn $26 per hour.

If you’re a dog lover, this is the perfect money earning app to try!

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#22. Wag

Wag is another dog walking app that is almost identical to Rover. However, signing up for both platforms is a great way to find more clients and increase your monthly earnings.

You are allowed to work for both companies since you function as an independent contractor. According to Indeed.com, Wag dog sitters earn $1,250 per month, and walkers earn almost $15 per hour. With a few clients, you can pull in some serious cash between the Rover and Wag apps, especially if you live in a major city.

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Rental Platforms To Earn Passive Income

Renting out assets you already own is a great way to take your passive income endeavors even further. You will have to use the website versions of the following apps to create your rental listings. However, once you create and upload your listing, you can manage your new passive income stream entirely from your smartphone.

#23. Airbnb

Airbnb is the undisputed king of the real estate rental game. If you have a spare room or vacant property, you can easily monetize the extra space by listing with Airbnb.

The Airbnb calculator is a great way to estimate how much additional income you can earn by listing your property. However, even a few listings a month can help pay for groceries or cut down on debt, and Airbnb doesn’t have to be a full-time commitment since you control your listing.

Airbnb-calculator best money making apps

Hosts are covered with $1M in property damage protection and another $1M in liability insurance. Airbnb only charges 3% as a booking fee, so most of the money is yours to keep as a host.

Signup For Airbnb And Earn Passive Income!

#24. Turo

Turo is a great way to turn an under utilized vehicle into a passive income machine. Dubbed ‘the Airbnb of cars,’ Turo is the easiest way to rent out a vehicle for extra monthly income.

Turo also has a nifty calculator that lets vehicle owners predict their added income. Like Airbnb, Turo hosts are free to list their car whenever they choose. Hosts are also responsible for setting their prices and arranging a time or place to exchange keys with renters.

turo-earnings-calculator best money making apps

Realistically, with a handful of rentals a month, you can probably earn at least $100 to $200 dollars.

For commission, Turo takes between 15% to 35% depending on the level of insurance coverage. Turo is currently available in Canada, the United States, Germany, and the U.K. Read our official Turo review to learn more about listing your car with Turo!

List Your Car On Turo Today!

#25. Get Around

Getaround is another car rental platform that is nearly identical to Turo. However, if you have trouble booking rentals on Turo and want a more passive approach, Getaround is worth considering.

Unlike Turo, Getaround installs their Getaround Connect device once a owner is approved to list. This device lets renters access vehicles using the Getaround mobile app and increases overall security. Instead of worrying about key exchanges or pickups, you can run your entire Getaround listing through the mobile app.

This convenience does come at a cost. Getaround charges 40% commission on rentals. Furthermore, Getaround hosts must pay a $99 setup fee and $20 per month for the connect device.

List Your Car On GetAround Today!

#26. Spot Hero

Have a parking spot you seldom use? Well, you’re sitting on a passive income opportunity thanks to the Spot Hero app.

Spot Hero is another awesome app that pays you for monetizing something you already own. The process of getting started on Spot Hero is also easy:

  • Fill out a form – Outline your location, pricing, and availability.
  • Start renting – Rent to drivers in your area through the Spot Hero website or app.
  • Get paid – Receive payments monthly via check or deposit.

Spot Hero is available in dozens of major U.S. cities, so take advantage of your unused parking space today!

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#27. HyreCar

HyreCar is essentially Turo but for rideshare drivers. If you want to rent your car but can’t compete with local Turo or GetAround listings, this platform provides a useful alternative.

Anyone looking for a vehicle to drive for Uber or Lyft can use HyreCar to rent out a vehicle. This win-win scenario provides more drivers with access to the gig economy and more vehicle owners with the ability to earn passive income.

HyreCar apps that pay

HyreCar also provides $1 million in liability insurance, and we suggest checking out this rental platform if Turo and GetAround are too competitive in your city.

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The Top Cash Back Apps That Pay You For Shopping

Let’s face it: everyone has to shop sometimes. It doesn’t matter how frugal you are, buying items such as groceries or household goods is just a fact of life.

However, with this handy list of cash back apps, it’s possible to recoup more of your hard-earned money and cut down on monthly spending.

#28. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is one of our favorite receipt scanning cash back app for two reasons. Firstly, Fetch Rewards rewards users for being brand loyal, not store loyal, meaning you earn cash back for buying your favorite products. Secondly, Fetch Rewards guarantees payments of $0.25 per eligible receipt, and has plenty of bonus offers as well.

Fetch-Reward-Process apps that pay you

Fetch Rewards is free and available for IOS and Android devices. Be sure to checkout our Fetch Rewards review to learn more about this money earning app!

Download Fetch Rewards! – Use Code 2NC99 For A Welcome Bonus!

#29. Ibotta

Ibotta is one of the most popular cash back apps around. With hundreds of partners, Ibotta lets partners save money in-store and online. Users can use the ‘Pay with Ibotta’ feature to pay directly from the Ibotta app and instantly earn cash back.

As you can see from this Reddit thread, Ibotta doesn’t break the bank. However, it’s still a relatively low effort way to save at least $25 to $50 a year with regular use:

Ibotta-earnings apps that pay you

The Ibotta app doesn’t guarantee payments unlike Fetch Rewards, and you’ll have to make sure your receipt contains specific items that are eligible for cash back. However, Ibotta tends to have more lucrative signup bonuses and special offers, and users can cash out for free gift cards once they reach $20.

Download Ibotta And Start Saving!

#30. Drop

Drop is a free cash back app available in Canada and the United States. Unlike receipt scanning apps, Drop pays users for shopping at 5 of their favorite store, making it an awesome way to passively save money.

Making money with Drop is very easy. Users must simply:

  • Install the Drop app.
  • Pick 5 favorite stores to earn Drop points from.
  • Link a debit or credit card.
  • Redeem drop points for a variety of free gift cards.

Drop-app money making apps

That’s all there is to it. Drop lets users earn by completing special offers and referring friends as well.

Download Drop And Start Earning For Shopping!

#31. Bumped

Bumped takes the cash back app model and adds and interesting twist. Rather than earning in-app points for Shopping, Drop users earn stock from the companies they shop at.

New Bumped users select one store from each of the 13 Bumped categories to earn from. Some of the most notable merchants include Walmart, Spotify, and Starbucks, so there are plenty of ways to earn.

Bumped users can sell their portfolio at any time and transfer the money into a linked bank account. Plus, as with other cash back apps, you can double-dip on rewards and still spend with a cash back credit card.

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#32. Rakuten (Website & App)

In the world of reward platforms, Rakuten is undoubtedly one of the top players. Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is a massive cash back reward network that partners with thousands of stores. If you shop online or in-store, you can use the Rakuten website or mobile app to find awesome discounts.

Rakuten is free, and creating a profile just takes a few minutes. To date, I’ve earned nearly $400 from using Rakuten, and this is definitely my favorite money making app.


Shopping on your computer with Rakuten is one way to snag deals. However, the free Rakuten app also offers in-store coupons, exclusive deals, and 5% cash back on thousands of restaurants.

Signup For Rakuten And Find Savings!

#33. PEI

If you like the concept of Drop, you will love PEI. PEI is another app that pays you to shop at stores you love. However, unlike Drop, PEI isn’t limited to just 5 merchants.

Using PEI requires 3 simple steps:

  • Download the app.
  • Link a card and spend.
  • Automatically earn cash back or bitcoin at partnered merchants.

Yes you heard me, bitcoin is an option!

PEI partners with hundreds of brands, including Target, Lyft, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Uber, H&M, Taco Bell, and many other stores. Most cash back rewards range from 1% to 2%. However, there are plenty of special offers and a loyalty bonus of $0.50 for shopping at the same store 5 times or more.

Download PEI Today!

#34. Butter

Butter is the best app for managing your ongoing subscriptions, as well as earning cash back from them.

The Butter app was created by RBC bank, and the idea is simple: help people save money by managing their subscriptions in one place.


I mean, how many times have you forgotten to cancel Amazon Prime, or missed the 3 month free trial window on a new online subscription you were trying out? With Butter, this wasted money is a thing of the past.

For connecting your accounts, Butter pays 1% cash back on each subscription you have, no strings attached. Plus, Butter also has a variety of ongoing signup offers for their partners, such as free months at Instacart or Bark Box.

#35. Paribus

Paribus is another money saving website and app that automatically catches price drops to save people money.

Once you create an account with Paribus and link the email where your online shopping receipts, Paribus gets to work. If the item you purchased drops in price and is eligible for price protection, Paribus then secures the discount on your behalf.

If you shop on Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, or dozens of other major online retailers, installing Paribus is a great way to automatically save.

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Best Paid Survey Apps

Survey apps are honestly a touchy subject. Some users swear by them, while others refuse to even touch them. Here’s the thing: survey apps will not make you rich. If you want to use some serious apps that pay, turning to the gig economy is your best bet.

However, if you want to earn some extra grocery money each month and don’t mind answering surveys while you watch TV or relax, there are several tried and true survey platforms you can turn to.

#36. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular get-paid-to (GPT) platforms around. On Swagbucks, users can earn points for shopping online, playing games, downloading new apps, or completing a variety of surveys.

Marketing companies and research groups are willing to pay for market research data, and this is why the survey industry exists in the first place. If you don’t mind sharing some of your honest thoughts or information, you can make money by answering surveys on the Swagbucks website or mobile app.

Swagbucks paid survey apps

Points can be redeemed for free gift cards or PayPal cash, and Swagbucks is free to use.

Signup For Swagbucks!

#37. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a great way to earn free Google Play credits in your spare time. The app is available on IOS and Android devices, but works slightly different on each platform:

  • Android – earn free Google play credits for answering surveys.
  • IOS – earn up to $1 in PayPal cash for each completed survey.

Surveys are relatively short, and while you can’t answer questions endlessly on the platform, it’s an easy way to make money on the side or when watching TV.

Download Google Opinion Rewards!

#38. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another tried and true player in the online survey space. Plus, Survey Junkie has a user-friendly app for IOS and Android unlike many other survey websites that pay.

SurveyJunkie paid survey apps

With a low minimum payout threshold of $5 and an endless amount of survey opportunities, it’s not surprising this is one of the more popular survey platforms. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, PayPal money, or prepaid visa cards.

Signup For Survey Junkie!

#39. Surveys On The Go

As the name implies, Surveys On The Go is a mobile-friendly way to make money with surveys while you’re out and about.

Once you create a profile and submit some basic demographic info, Surveys On The Go will offer surveys for completion. Surveys cover common topics such as sports, entertainment, shopping, and technology.

Surveys On The Go is available on IOS and Android. The apps offer a few surveys per month, and users can cash out once they earn $10.

Learn More About Surveys On The Go!

#40. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is one of the main competitors of Swagbucks in the world of survey apps that pay. With a lucrative $5 signup bonus and plenty of survey offers at any time, it’s no surprise InboxDollars is a leading player.

InboxDollars paid survey apps

InboxDollars has other ways to earn just like Swagbucks. However, the surveys are the most consistent money maker on the app. InboxDollars works for IOS and Android devices, and users can cash out with free gift cards or PayPal cash.

Signup for InboxDollars!

#41. Qmee

Qmee is an interesting GPT platform because of the versatile ways to earn. Users can make money by browsing the web, downloading apps, answering surveys, and shopping. Plus, Qmee is available on both IOS and Android, where answering surveys for extra cash is very easy.

Again, like other survey apps that pay, Qmee won’t change your life. However, as you can see from these Reddit users, the added pocket money from surveys isn’t bad:

Qmee-Earnings paid survey apps

Qmee pays out in PayPal cash and a variety of gift cards to popular merchants like Starbucks or Amazon. Just note, like many GPT platforms, Qmee is not available worldwide.

Users from the following countries can use Qmee:

  • Australia.
  • Canada.
  • United States.
  • U.K.

Signup For Qmee Today!

#42. QuickThoughts

If you want another reliable app that pays but are fed up with normal survey apps, QuickThoughts might be a nice way to mix up your routine.

QuickThoughts pairs users with surveys that are more tailored. To do this, QuickThoughts factors in your location as well as some products/topics you already enjoy. You’ll need $10 in points to cash out, which is a bit high in the world of GPT apps.

However, if you don’t mind a slightly slower earner, QuickThoughts is a decent way to make some spare money on the side while you’re out and about.

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Money Making Apps That Pay You To Sell Things

Have you ever looked around your home and thought, ‘wow, I have a lot of stuff laying around?’

Or, perhaps, you’ve looked in your closet and been shocked by how many articles of clothing you have that you just never wear/

The point is, many of us could do with some simplification in our life. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps that pay you to sell things or clean out your closet.

#43. Decluttr

Decluttr is one of the easiest ways to get rid of old tech products, video games, lego sets, and books. If you have some old cellphones laying around or a myriad of tech products you don’t use anymore, you need to look into this platform.

Getting rid of stuff you don’t use anymore on Decluttr is easy. All users have to do is:

  • Signup for Decluttr and download the free app for Android or IOS.
  • Enter the barcodes of items you want to sell.
  • Get a valuation,
  • Ship your items to Decluttr.


Decluttr guarantees their initial price offer. Plus, Decluttr also sends shipping labels to print and pay for all shipping cost. Payments are also processed the next day after Decluttr gets your shipment.

As long as you don’t send broken or fraudulent items, you can make some serious side cash by selling on Decluttr!

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#44. Mercari

Mercari calls themselves ‘The Selling App’ and that’s for good reason: over 150,000 items are uploaded on Mercari each day.

You can sell almost anything on Mercari using their free app. Just snap a photo of what you’re selling, upload it to the marketplace, and list your price. Mercari will also provide free printable shipping labels for sellers.


Sellers fork over 10% of their sales in fees. However, the sheer size of the marketplace makes the fees more than worth it. Plus, Mercari is offering a $5 credit for selling your first item on the Mercari app, so don’t miss out on some free money!

Start Selling On Mercari!

#45. Poshmark

If you want to try another app like Mercari and focus on clothing, Poshmark is the app for you.

Poshmark is perfect for getting rid of high quality clothing that is still in good condition but just doesn’t fit your style. Like Mercari, the process of selling unwanted clothing is simple:

  • Download the free Poshmark app (Android or IOS)
  • Snap photos of the clothing/outfits you want to sell.
  • Upload them to your ‘closet’ and see if anyone buys.

Poshmark charges $2.95 on sales under $15 and 20% on sales above $15. However, if you can build a reputation for having a killer closet on Poshmark, you’ll find repeat buyers or more sales are easy to come by.

I mean, just checkout this Poshmark seller who crossed the $10K mark in sales in under one year!


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#46. Depop

Depop is another popular app to sell clothing. However, Depop has a bit of an ‘Instagram’ flair to it, focusing more on curating fashionable looks and building a seller profile than simply getting rid of old clothing.


Sellers create profile pages on Depop where they showcase their curated, fashionable outfits. Sellers can add hashtags to listings and create a profile that showcases their unique sense of style. If people like what you’re into, they can purchase your looks.

Depop takes 10% of all sales. However, if your profile goes viral on Depop, there’s an insane amount of potential to sell, or to even secure brand deals.

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#47. 5miles

5miles is another popular app to sell things, and it’s also a bit flashier than the other apps in this list.

You can sell anything on 5miles, including art, clothing, cars, tech, and crafts. The process of listing is the same as Mercari, and the app also focuses on local sales (under 50 miles). However, 5miles also has an auction component known as 5miles Dash. This eBay-esque feature is awesome for sellers who have items they think will be in high demand, as an auction can provide more serious bidding and a higher final sale value.

5miles is free to use, and there is also a 5miles app for Android or IOS devices.

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#48. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is one of the more subtle apps that can pay you. However, while the Facebook marketplace used to be rather lackluster, the platform has come a long way since inception.

The Facebook marketplace is teeming with buy and sell offers if you live in a relatively populous area. This has made Facebook the perfect solution for anyone who is into flipping or who has some extra stuff they want to get rid of.

Creating a listing on the Facebook Marketplace is free. You’ll have to handle the transaction part of the deal yourself, so be sure to always meet buyers in a public space and to bring a friend along!

Mystery Shopping Apps That Pay You

Have you ever wondered how people find mystery shopping gigs? Well, often times, secret shoppers find their gigs by turning to the following secret shopping apps.

These apps won’t make you rich. However, most of these apps offer hyper-local jobs while you’re out and about, making them a relatively low-effort way to earn some extra cash. If you’re looking for money making apps that pay you and involve mystery shopping check out Shopkick and Field Agent.

#49. Shopkick

Shopkick is a popular mystery shopping app that has multiple ways to earn. Users can earn ‘Kicks’ by completing the following tasks:

  • Shopping with a linked card.
  • Visiting certain stores.
  • Scanning specific barcodes in various stores.
  • Watching online videos.


Kicks can be redeemed for a variety of free gift cards, and this is truly easy money for not much of your time. With the free Android or IOS app, you’ll be notified of local gigs in your area, so it’s the perfect app to have on your phone if you explore your city.

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#50. Field Agent

Field Agent is one of the larger mystery shopping networks, with over 1.4 million users across 7 countries. In a nutshell, Field Agent provides mystery shopping and audits for companies that are interested in testing how specific locations or branches are performing.

It isn’t easy to find a steady stream of tasks with Field Agent. However, tasks typically pay a few dollars, and jobs are simple; most jobs just require the agent to rate product displays or look for certain products.

Field Agent is free on Android and IOS, so you might as well check out the app to see if there are any secret shopping requests in your area!

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iPhone Apps That Pay You Money

Do you have an iPhone? đŸ“± Are you looking for iPhone apps that pay you money?

Good news… virtually all of the apps explained above are available in the Apple App Store. Whether you’re looking for money making apps, free money apps, money earning apps, or paid survey apps, you can find them in the app store and make money with your iPhone.

How? Simply search for the name of the app, download, and get rolling with any number of iPhone apps that pay you money!

Money Making Apps That Pay You Final Thoughts

I hope that this list of apps that pay you helps you to take charge of your finances and earn some extra money.

Depending on your needs, location, and skills, different apps will be a better fit than others. If you need to make some fast cash, various survey apps or passive income apps are the perfect way to get started. In contrast, if you want to make more serious income, various gig opportunities, rental platforms, or selling apps are a better fit.

At the end of the day, as long as you make the decision to improve your finances and put in the effort, you’re on the right track.

That’s all for now. Best of luck with your new money making endeavors!

What are your favorite money making apps? Let us know in the comments below!